Garden Houses From Wood – Nice And Compact Garden House In The Backyard

Editor   April 23, 2013   Comments Off on Garden Houses From Wood – Nice And Compact Garden House In The Backyard

Garden House pond Asia leaves magical beautiful

Wooden garden houses – nice and compact Garden House in the backyard

Nowadays, most people prefer to have as a cottage in the Garden . There are ready-made designs on the market and you want to buy one, instead of building it yourself. This architectural element adds elegance and style to your garden and also can keep old, rare objects or garden utensils there. The Garden House could also serve as a game room for children. Different designs of garden houses made of wood and stone are shown in our picture gallery. Look at the photos and get inspired. Be creative and design itself, a construction project. The homemade stuff are always more attractive and more original than those on the market.

Small, classic stone Garden House

garden houses wood stone wall tile roof

Comfortable and pleasant seating area in front of the Garden House

Garden House idea design architecture beautiful

Gorgeous, well kept garden with colorful flowers

Garden House idea design original beautiful garden houses wood

Strange water garden and Garden House in the Asian style

garden House pond Asia deciduous tree

White wooden Garden House with a Brown door and window box

garden houses wood Asian hardwood tree Braun Gärtner

Flashy, old Garden House with red accents

Garden House pond Asia deciduous tree red door

Elegant and beautiful garden House – compact design

garden houses wood Asian deciduous tree beautiful

Small, old Garden House where they kept the garden utensils

garden houses wood circle leaves stained old interesting

Beautiful garden art – interesting bushes before the garden shed

garden houses from wooden garden art Busch Grün Laub

Colorful facade – green walls, red door and purple window frames – children’s game room

Garden House pond Asia leaves colorful interesting

State of the art, small garden shed light-wood

garden houses wood Asian leaves multi colored modern woodplain Garden House facade and interesting pink motifs Garden House pond Asia leaves Rosa Holz plate frame

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