Garden Ideas: Tips For The Perfect Raised Bed

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Garden ideas: raised beds

Are you looking for a fresh and at the same time practical idea for the garden? Raised beds are the right answer here. They are ideal to make a fruitful garden, which also have good looks. In a professional environment, the raised beds are used for the cultivation of vegetables. But they are a good choice for ornamental plants.

garden ideas tips for the perfect high bed

Advantages of raised beds

The principle is simple: raised beds are supplied with a first-class earth filled, which accumulates over the course of time with valuable nutrients. Due to the warming outline of the patch, this is equipped with a built-in compost system, so to speak. In addition, such beds have even more advantages to offer:

comfortable working height
good protection against vermin
optical gain for the garden

Raised beds are easy to clean and easy to use. Ready-made raised beds save much work here. In specialised shops there are numerous and interesting offers. The practical raised beds have various shapes, sizes and colors. Thanks to its stable construction, it is not necessary to pour a foundation in building a high bed. A complete raised bed can build up quickly almost anywhere.

Tips for the perfect raised bed

Acquired in the set, or even built an effective raised bed should have a depth of at least 20 cm. It is filled with a rich soil Earth, the ideal foundation for a bountiful harvest of vegetables. Also it suitable for pulling on fertile flowering plants.

For raised beds, use a mixture of two-thirds of loose soil Earth and a third compost or fertilizer. Do you want to build special plants in it, the appropriate soil conditions must be created:

Mineral fertilizers
Hornspäne or horn meal

Tips: A width of 1.20 metres maximum, allows a pleasant work from all sides. The bed is too wide, the middle area can be difficult to achieve. Still curious children in the garden are on the road, it’s worth to use a bed with a sufficient height. To avoid unpleasant surprises, such as for example an early vegetable crop.

Decorate the raised bed

The raised bed to be a great eye-catcher in the garden, there are many ways to decorate it. Opt for a ready-made raised bed, various versions available. The walls can be such as wood, metal or plastic. The design here is unusual, the higher the price tag depends on. With a little do-it-yourself, you can however customize a model that fits perfectly into your garden and your budget.

It is not necessary to develop the complete raised bed project from scratch or to build. Although there are great ideas for home-made raised beds, a combination of finished model and individual initiative is often the simpler choice.

A colorful raised bed design in the playful look is a nice idea, especially for a child-friendly garden. Rainbow, Bumblebee and co. can paint themselves directly on the sheathing. A wood paneling can be built from old pallets, which is both cost effective and robust. In addition, for an individual style you can create ornaments or exciting patterns with mosaic tiles.

Conclusion raised bed

Raised beds are beneficial for the gardener as well as for the plants. You actively contribute, achieve a better yield of fruits and vegetables. As a foundation stone for a decorative patch, they are a great catcher. Also the variety as well as the flexible usage options raised beds make real all-rounders in any garden.

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