Garden Lighting-23 Ideas And Impulses For A Romantic Ambience

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LED lighting garden summer pond

Garden lighting – a summer nightroom

As soon as the summer season comes, we automatically spend a lot more time in our garden or on our terrace. In the season of long days and short hot nights, the design of the outdoor area seems just as important as the interior design.

We want to feel comfortable in our own realm, especially after the evening or weekend.

Many of us focus on the best comfort and forget the important role the lighting design plays. Exactly through the light is yours Garden or terrace To a convivial ambience. How the lighting affects your mood and which lighting design is weatherproof, we have to explain for you today.

You can adjust the lighting design according to your taste

LED lighting summer Bieber

An LED light is located at the foot of each pavilion column

LED lighting garden summer pavilion

Alternative flower pots that light up in the dark

Led lighting garden walkway luminous vases

LED luminaire characteristics

Regarding the lighting of the garden you are talking more and more often. Nowadays the LED lamps have a more than satisfactory capacity. With these one could illuminate the largest trees and they can seem even warmer than the normal lamps. On average, the LED lamps are more expensive than other artificial light sources. They have a much longer service life.

The LED lighting has many advantages and is quite inconspicuous

LED lighting garden walkway discreet

Unobtrusive light behind the furniture creates a unique atmosphere

LED lighting garden walkway bamboo

Trees and bushes can also be charming

LED lighting garden walkway floor

If you have a large garden, you can illuminate several areas

LED lighting garden large

If you want it more exotic, just put light accents at any special place

LED lighting garden palm trees

Built-in LED lights are trendy and effective

LED lighting summer light stairs

The garden lighting can also be the main motif of your design

LED lighting garden summer twipsy

Exterior lighting

Light design in the garden gives your garden an alternative look. You can literally experience your garden in a different light.

A part of the lighting design in the outdoor area is the selection and application of creative light effects. The task of lighting design is to illuminate the garden. In the best case the light bodies should be hidden.

Quite original are also illuminated walls or elements made of stone

LED lighting garden walkway wall

Climbing plants and wooden constructions are all the more lively with a subtle LED lighting

LED lighting garden walkway wall wall

Water and stone intensify the effect of light design

LED lighting garden walkway whirlpool

These luminous building blocks could be incorporated into the garden design in various ways

LED lighting light

LED lighting garden checklist

It would be important to consider the possibilities and wishes as a real designer. First, you should explore your garden terrace and choose the appropriate lighting for the weather. The scaffold or housing of the luminaire should also be well thought over and as unobtrusive as possible. The luminaire you are looking for should give the area a discreet and gentle atmosphere. It would therefore be very important to define the needs and ideas for lighting design. As an example, you can put light accents at your favorite places – at the lavender bush, at the geraniums, at the pear tree! How about a walkway lighting? There are many possibilities and it really depends on which areas of your garden are emphasized and which mood you want to reach.

In our photo gallery you can get inspiration and ideas again. We sincerely hope that this time there is something for you!

Illuminated walkways have a fairy tale

Garden lighting led lighting garden walkway

Path and trees and give the garden a romantic character

LED lighting summer trees

LED lights in the floor are very magical

LED lighting garden green

The small LED lamps in the bush are reminiscent of fireflies

LED lighting summer art lighthouse

With adjustable LED lights you have all the more freedom to design

LED lighting garden summer night

Solar LED bodies light up and create an idyllic atmosphere

Garden lighting LED lighting garden summer solar

The warm light harmonizes the otherwise cold-working material of the seat

Garden lighting LED lighting Garden stone bench

Bring more light into your garden and enjoy your summer nightmare!

Garden lighting LED lighting Garden staircase

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