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garden planting Bush gardening garden calendar

A beautiful garden plant with flowering shrubs

Certainly you want plants to your garden this season and look determined for such plants and flowers that will grow for years there and beautify your garden with colours and aromas. We can help you with a few tips and good advice. Want to enjoy for weeks, even months flowering your garden plants? Stay tuned, it will be interesting next!

Gardening in spring

garden plants flowering rose garden maintenance garden calendar

If you want to decorate your garden with flowering shrubs, they should have a number of important facts in the clear. In the first place, you should know that there are a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They also differ according to light, heat, and moisture conditions. Therefore, it would be maybe the best if you first determine the location where you want to plant the bushes. Then you should check out what Bush species grow well in your area. So you narrow the selection and make everything easier. Until then, you can make a decision.

Flowering bushes

garden planting flowering bushes gardening garden calendar

The right season to plant a garden with flowering shrubs

Some of the earliest flowering bushes that could be used for planting of the garden, are as follows: Erika, Forsythia, azaleas. Shortly thereafter, Cerastium follow tomentosum, Weigela, Hypericum, thyme, lavender. Later also hibiscus, hydrangea, and Spier bushes (spiraea) grow.

Flowers and well-maintained hedge

garden planting flowering shrubs hedge maintain garden calendar

The planting of the garden is a universal, but also very practical choice. Because these bushes bloom the longest of all.

Rose bushes as a living fence

garden planting flowering rose gardening garden calendar

Required attachments at the garden plants with flowers

The bushes would necessarily be attached to something. It can be a fence, entanglement, an Alee. To do so also for purely aesthetic reasons. So that the planting of the garden with bushes look good, they must be associated with a larger element. It can be about a water source or a garden Lake.

Garden tools

garden plants garden tools gardening garden calendar

The higher bushes should be backwards in the sense of a harmonious composition. Then the Middle should be front the lowest before that and then in the first line. Try to achieve a possible smooth transition.

Beautiful garden bushes plants

garden planting flowers garden plants gardening garden calendar

We want to pay particular attention to a Bush type. It’s azalea Indica. This is an Evergreen shrub that can grow up to 6 m in height. Azalea Indica shows a variety of nuances and can withstand large cold – to – 30 degrees.

Azalea Indica in the garden

garden plants Bush azalea Indica gardening garden calendar

Other garden plants and shrubs

garden planting flowering bushes Ivy gardening garden calendar

While we’re on the subject of garden planting, we should meet also Lagerstroemia indica dynamite close. It can reach up to 7 m. Pink and white are main colours of this shrubbery.

garden Apflanzen garden design with gravel gardening garden calendar

If you want to plant your garden with a lower bushes, then you consider Paeonia necessarily suffruticosa. It grows up to 4 m high. The flowers can evolve but up to 50 cm wide. The nuances are manifold. You are in pink, white, champagne, dark red discoloration.

The front yard design

garden Apflanzen garden design gardening garden design

What should you remember yet

We had some final notes for you. You should remember in any case, that you need to remove the flowers as soon as they wither. Most of them should be cut off also. But just wondering whether this also applies to your brush style. Because this could be also harmful in some bushes.

Blooming rose bushes in the garden

garden planting rose bushes gardening garden calendar

Best watering should be done through the drip method. The regular fertilization will help also very much for the good development of the plants. If you follow all of these instructions, the bushes choose carefully and appropriately distribute, you have everything. You must just wait and enjoy your beautiful flowering garden. We believe in you and because you make it all perfect.

Enjoy the scents and the colours of the garden plants

garden planting flowers plants gardening garden calendar

Garden plants plant

garden plants garden design gardening garden calendar

then carefully maintain …und

garden planting spring gardening garden calendar

March garden calendar – upcoming gardening

garden calendar garden plants garden design March

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