Garden Pool And Fireplace Assemble – 15 Ideas

landscaping garden pool and fire pit chairs

Garden pool and fireplace make luxurious garden

We all love the combination of fire and water on Freshideen. What’s with you? Of course, we think not the fire! It’s the mistake of swimming pools with a charming character through an additional fireplace! And Yes, even a traditional garden pool can have a fireplace. They look all the more exciting and with stones and Roadmenders on their surface.

Here are a few examples of pools with fireplaces. Granted, it’s a what for us surprise, that the traditional swimming pools can be just as gorgeous as the modern and contemporary.

If you have any doubts about it, then check out the pictures please below to.

Water facilities and wells

landscaping garden pool and hearth together concern

Here, we observe a coloured Pebble technique in the Interior of the swimming pool. The fire place is really gorgeous in the middle.

Silver mist – Flower Mound mixture

landscaping garden pool and hearth stone paving plants

Hearth stone design corresponds to the Interior of the House. On the surface, you can see silver mist sandstone, which fits to the terrace. You can see fire glass on the inside of the fire pit.

Fire pits

garden design ideas garden pool and fire pit chairs

According to the designer, you can here see an oversized fireplace. It was made to measure.

Los Gatos residence

garden design ideas Pergola garden pool and fire pit chairs

What a beautiful swimming pool Empire, or? This fire pit provides much drama in the room. It fits wonderfully arched Bank.

California swimming pool

garden design ideas garden pool and fire pit lawn

These hills full of plants makes pool like a paradise garden. We love the lights, the waterfall and the fireplaces and the shape of the pool.

Swan pools California

garden design garden pool and Feuserstelle umbrella

What a brilliant evening. The lights and the fireplace work wonderfully together in this area. I can smell even the sausages on the grill, and you?

Award-winning swimming pools

garden design garden pool and Feuserstelle together Palms

In this pool, you can see a sunken island with stepping stones. When the night gets closer, it looks even tearing down. This is to the fire pit in the Center and the palm leaves.

2013 ILCA gold residence construction

patio garden pool and Feuserstelle seating

Great! This traditional swimming pool provides relaxation at a higher level. Charged it was with a fountain, while the fire pit and the box ensures a uniform appearance.

Private land 5

patio garden pool and Feuserstelle are

You chose here instead for concrete plaster. You took advantage of the variety of the colors of the light and the dark gray shades. The result is simply gorgeous. Do you like the manner how the irregular swimming pools are connected to each other? This includes also the combination of water and fire.


patio garden pool and Feuserstelle stone paving

Fire effects and country switching lighting ensure a dynamic flair in this pool. It shows a covering of travertine stone. These in turn create the ideal atmosphere for evening entertainment.

Luxurious backyards

garden fireplace, waterfall pool

The waterfall, Spa, the lighting, the terrace and the accessories for fire are all great additions! What can you expect actually more pool from a traditional garden?

Some separate swimming pools

patio garden pool and Feuserstelle garden furniture

Have been created each other subsequent panels made of natural stone. These are the fountains and dressed in the fireplace. The whole thing looks simply ravishing. It thus ensures personality and character in this pool of.

Luxury swimming pools

landscaping garden pool and luxurious fireplace Palms

You can view from every corner of this swimming pool on the fireplace, what is just amazing!

EADS natural swimming pool and backyard: great vacation spot

pool garden design fireplace slide plants

Here we see a stunning backyard swimming pool. Is not that what you always wanted? The fire pit, the agent and falls to the side look also super great.

Portola Valley

garden pool fireplace garden furniture garden design

Here we see a traditional swimming pool in San Francisco, and it stands out by its infinity pool and fire pit.

Now do you understand yet what we mean, right? Are these fireplaces really wonderful, right? Most show a regular form, through which they appear smooth and gentle.