Garden Remodeling – Create A Sustainable Garden Design

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Garden remodeling – ideas, how to obtain a sustainable garden

Gardens can transform many serious criteria. A possible would be sustainable. How far are you informed about this topic? The ideas and concepts in this area continue to evolve more and it would be helpful to keep up-to-date.

The wheelbarrow can be great used in the garden

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In particular this would help you in everyday life. The criteria and objectives in the area of sustainability have changed only marginally. The methods relating to such garden transformation, are however much innovative, creative and above all – easier to apply.

Original idea for the flower pots

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See the difference

For those who are not so well versed with the topic, we offer a small introduction. The difference lies in the goals. In the conventional garden, you subordinates about the aesthetics. Also the high costs for themselves or for the nature are neglected.

Achieve sustainable garden

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The sustainable garden conserves the resources in the first place and is also a contribution to preserve nature. New technologies are also used, without being to the detriment of beauty. They offer getting traditional garden styles with few resources. It is unfortunately still expensive solutions, which not many amateur gardeners can afford.

For this reason, one observes a parallel development. Garden designers and owners simply enforce a whole new aesthetic. It includes among others also reusing old furniture and recycling.

Not so difficult understand all

Environmental educators and promoters made the mistake in recent years to portray refactor the sustainable garden as a very complicated topic. That deterred many garden owners that wanted to not even touch the subject.

You do not need the following prerequisites:

Special terrain;
Large area;
Many resources.

To the goal of “Sustainable garden refactor”, follow these simple steps

Maximum customize the garden to local situations

This means that you use primarily on plant species, which are typical for your region. This encourages the wild life, the natural development of the landscapes and thus indirectly also our own personal health.

Select appropriate plants for your garden

garden refactor garden fence garden plants garden ideas

Provide a beautiful appearance of the garden

garden refactor matching plants select outdoor

Reach Anprechenden garden look

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You can use also exotic. But find out how they spread and whether they could negatively affect the other indigenous plants and animals.

Certain trees can be harmless in this respect for example if they are used in plant containers. Others must stay away easy in a distant corner of the garden, other Garden residents, which could adversely affect them.

Do not waste the water

There are too many methods – applied and technical, which contribute to the saving of water. You can collect rain water or install a modern irrigation system. There is something for every budget. Ultimately, this also accounts are smaller!

Collect rainwater

garden refactor rain water use garden watering

Sustainable garden design

garden refactor rainwater store

Recycling and reuse

Use in the garden new furniture and utility objects. There is hardly anything, what you could do to a plant container. It uses even shoes, bags and boxes.

Shoes can be whimsical flower posts

garden beautify garden ideas flower pots shoes

Be creative in the design of the garden

garden beautify garden design ideas cool plants container

Reuse old chairs

garden beautify beautiful old chair plants container garden ideas

Change of pace

Promote the change of pace. Many different plants provide much wildlife and the emergence of new species. Help nature to make our environment more beautiful than it already is.

Put on original Gartendeko

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Achieve a fresh garden look

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Richly planted garden

Umgetalten garden ideas garden plants outdoor furniture cozy