Garden Decor From Metal And Rust – Give The Garden An Industrial Character

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Gartendeko from metal and rust Dekoartikel Schön elegant

The real gardeners know it, their work is never really been brought to an end

You are in constant transformation. The plants grow sometimes bigger than you think when shopping. The voles would devastate the beautiful beds with Hostas, the Japanese maple trees fall victim to the unexpected Toiletblocks – Frost and so on and immediately.

It would be determined a different scenario possible, we would be honest, if our taste is changing fast. Our gardens are boring and we feel the urge to modify these. If these words describe your case also, moving easily from the zone of comfort and add an artistic character. Be it something industrial.

What is that?

The industrial style goes back to the machines and the workshops of the 1800s. The rough, restricted beauty of recycled metal pieces and Gartendeko of metal and rust talk for the connection between form and function.

Why it works in the garden well?Gartendeko metal and rust

industrial Gartendeko of metal and rust landscape

The industrial pieces provide a little surprise in the garden. They work very good from the point of view of the designer, on the principle of supporting one wire position. Consider these four characteristics to consider: size, shape, color and texture. If you insert an industrial item in a garden vignette, attach this to a plant, a Boulder or hardscape, based on one of these characteristics. In this manner, you would create a reference between your PCs and the space and the appearance will be always very contrast full.

The recycled metal pieces, which you can see work well in your garden, because the rust with the dry flowers in terms of the color and the texture corresponds. By shape and color they come very much to the fore and they form a prominent task.

Other fabricated metal

Gartendeko from metal and rust traditional landscape

The industrial accents must not new, be still a work of art. Here we see a collection of twisted industrial cables, can be seen as a grid, where the Cedrus atlantica grows.

The grid corresponds to the geometry of the stairs and in the terrace railings. The grate is reminiscent of the color of this and ensures a continuity between the two levels. The serpentine form of Cedar breaks this geometric appearance and provides softness and visually appealing appearance. Still, the silver shading of Cedar reviewed these concrete.

Mixed metals

Gartendeko from metal and rust traditional shapes

This fabricated screen serves as a perfect backdrop for a seating area made of stone in a rural garden. There, combining mesh and solid areas and provides an additional interest and isolation, without that it limits thus the movement of air and light.

The design of this piece refers to the rural style and the village. The colors and the textures of the various metals complement this stone work and give a homogeneous character of the vignette.

Metal sculpture

Gartendeko from metal and rust industrially artfully

Are you tired of the concrete rabbit showing behind the rhododendrons? Instead its a metal sculpture in recital, drag to create an unusual interest and drama. Many artists would be willing to work with you on such a project and to create a unique piece.

This work here was created by Benjamin Parrish and it works well on several levels. The wires represent hair and are reminiscent of the vineyards located in the vicinity. The shown blowing the hair ensures an additionally exciting appearance. On sunny days, the Flash metal reflects the valuable light in this atmosphere dominated by shade otherwise. If it is cloudy, there is the covered sky reflected.


Gartendeko from metal and rust industrial planter

Not all industrial materials must be created from metal. Garden walls and doors made of metal glass ensure a clear, fresh feeling and thus enrich the outdoor section here.

The mirror glass captures the ambient light and mimics the character of the metal plant container. Thus you can enjoy a fabulous, high-contrast appearance. This vignette brings out the shape and style, for which one has decided here, let alone the.


Gartendeko from metal and rust industrial roof

The gabions are fabricated metal cages. They are filled with rocks or even chunks of colored recycled glass. Thus, combining materials in a new and interesting way. Consult with a designer when you drag so a wall into consideration. This is therefore necessary because the correct welding and the weight load of fundamental importance.

Consider also this garden as a study, what’s the juxtaposition. The metal cages and the rocks of the gabions provide a strong contrast and make for a dramatic appearance. The cage provides a reference to the steps of the staircase in color and texture, as well as the patio furniture and their form. The color of the Gabionenwände is also recorded by the equipment.

Board-shaped concrete wall

Gartendeko from metal and rust industrial modern landscape

Can you imagine doing an industrielleres material as concrete? To the wall here, one has filled wooden pattern with this material. Removing the forms after the concrete was partially cured, and walls unique patterns are left as a result.

Just as with the Gabionenwänden, you should contact professionals in the production. This wall here shows a stark contrast on the basis of the industrial mood, which they spread. Continue to do much to the original wood patterns.

This is a combination which fits well with the forests of the world.

Hardboard made of concrete

Gartendeko from metal and rust industrially traditionally Red Bank

Here we have one often underestimate doing material that is also used as a substrate for the floors and shower enclosures. It consists of concrete, fibre-optic network for strengthening and styrofoam to reduce the weight. Different types of concrete walls are available. Make sure that you use one, which contains no paper.

Which make low price, the ease and availability of the hardboard panels of concrete, very handy for the wrapping of the private sector and for the construction of non-load bearing walls. The plain wood which is intended for outdoor use, can be coated with this material and thus you can create a unique and beautiful garden structure.

In this example, the texture and the color representations of the concrete walls emulate the Grantiklippen.

Failed water system

Gartendeko from metal and rust industrial landscape traditionally

There is something about the quiet beauty of the natural-looking waterfalls, that is incredibly fascinating. But you probably live in an urban environment and want something unique, isn’t it? Pull drain channel installations such as those shown here into consideration. She could consist of metal or thick glass.

This water facility provides a relaxing sound of the waterfall, which everybody loves, but he has an industrial and contemporary character at the same time.

Improve the basic needs

Gartendeko from metal and rust industrial stones garden design

Currently, I let myself be guided by the following mantra: why must you be as neat when you can be unique and spectacular. Pull this maßgearbeiteten water distribution into consideration. Every House needs an effective way by the movement of water from the ground. This one truly has the eye and is much more appealing than about the rectangular blocks made of concrete or plastic, which most people have.

Pay attention to the details

Gartendeko from metal and rust industrial article

It is said that both the beauty and the devil are in the details. Why use typical door hinges from a big box store, if you can bring a piece like this made to measure in use here? Do you also agree?

Now, which of these examples could fit to your unique garden design?

Gartendeko from metal and rust Dekoartikel Schön Sun

Thematic Flowerpot

Gartendeko from metal and rust Dekoartikel Schön planter

Rural design

Gartendeko from metal and rust Dekoartikel Schön chickens

Loving, industrial and rustic in a heart

Gartendeko from metal and rust Dekoartikel Schön heart

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