Getting The Pollen Allergy And Hay Fever Combat Skills

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pollen allergy hay fever fighting Spring Garden

How can you the hay fever fight – 10 methods, to defeat the pollen

Today, I’ve seen how the delicate pink cherry flowers slowly make way for the green leaves. At the same time I thought but also when I’m going to be able, to place the contact lenses without any problems and when this unpleasant feeling is going to leave me. Yes, this is due to the pollen, and April is the time when they are just everywhere. Here are some great tips on how you keep your House free of these.

Keep the car in the garage

pollen allergy hay fever fighting tips car garage

If you have any garage, wash this on the fly every time you have an opportunity to do so. Make so rare a window or a door how to, because every pollen will come in. That’s why you should avoid this. I have always sanitary wipes in this period. I clean the hands me thus. So the eyes are not hurt me, because I’ve touched them with fingers, have previously touched something in the car full of pollen.

You clean your feet on the mat, then take off your shoes, jackets, and everything else that has been thought as equipment for outdoor use, as soon as you enter the House.
Make a chic place in the entrance area, where you can store your shoes
pollen allergy hay fever fighting tips Interior

laundry pollen allergy hay fever fighting tips and tricks

Have to work in the yard? Or are you get at some point into one of these horrible clouds of pollen and dirt, while you on the other hand ran from one end of the Court? If Yes, then you must take the pollen from your body and clothes down. Otherwise, these are spread throughout the House. Don’t sit down, because otherwise, you have to also clean the furniture. Go to the washroom and let everything that you can to wash.

Wash the green stuff out of your hair

walk-in shower pollen allergy hay fever fighting ideas

Their hairs are a magnet for pollen. If you do not wash it before bed, the cushions are then filled with pollen. This is certainly not good. Wash your hair after the last going out of the House before going to sleep. If you do not, then we be your pillow full of pollen. Could something tighten as an alternative to your hair – a turban or a hat for example.

Avoid bringing in pollen by the animals

pets pollen allergy hay fever combat

Before they enter the House, they should be well washed and brushed. They should wipe their paw special care before they go in the House. Then, you should wash the brush itself and clean the area in which you have done all of this, with the vacuum cleaner.

Clean the vacuum cleaner bag outside

cellar storage room storage space ideas hay fever effective fighting

Do you have a vacuum cleaner? You should do inside clean it in the House. Remove the content out there. The dirt should go directly into a trash bag and this immediately in the container.

Keep the Windows and doors closed

kitchen set up ideas hay fever combat sink window

This is the season in which I am fascinated really that allow fresh air in, but unfortunately also the pollen coming. Close the Windows and turn on the fan. Opt for HEPA filters, because these are better in repelling the pollen. You must replace these but a month. Is your well-being important to you, isn’t it?

Be careful with the wiping off of the dust

dining room with chairs ideas hay fever effective fighting

You should wipe the dust twice as often than you’ve ever done that. Ignore places, which are difficult to reach. An appropriate extension of the vacuum cleaner will be very much helpful for your health.

Keep clean your outdoor terraces or use this little when the season is over

pollen In the living area of defeating hay fever fighting tips

I’m several times cleaning my outdoor terrace in the spring, because despite the pollen I enjoy using them. I cover the section sofa with an old blanket and take it away if I want to use them. If the time of pollen is over, I put the pillows to professional cleaning. The whole terrace is still thoroughly washed. The pollen of the screens, the soil and the posts disappear.

Let the pollen undaunted, to enjoy this wonderful time of year

pollen In the garden courtyard hay fever fighting spring pollen flight

The pollen is actually a beautiful thing. See for how beautiful they cover the running paths and how easily they bring a smile to people’s faces.

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