Great Designer Plant: Wolf Plant For Your Nature Garden

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great designer plant lovely Lavender

Great designer plant: Wolf plant for your inspirational garden design

I’m always on the lookout for native plants, which I find rather out there in the wilderness and less in domestic gardens.

It’s a species in which three seasons looks interesting. Still, it attracts colorful insects for the garden, inspiring wild life.

Today is about the Wolf plant

great designer plant Wolf plant closeups

Botanical name: Vernonia fasciculata

Name: Wolf plant

Origin: North America

Water requirement: damp earth and clay

Light claim: Full sun and only sometimes shadow

Dimensions: 1 to 1.20 meters and 60 to 90 cm wide

Lavender splendor

great designer plant filigree flowers purple splendor

Tolerances and benefits: It’s an easy-to-maintain, Evergreen plant. She has a tall, slim profile. It is attractive to bees from their home region.

Cheap seasons: The plant has continued to bloom in late summer over a two to four weeks. Then make strong strains that survive the winter.

When should she be planted: From spring to autumn

High and impressive

great designer plant high and elegant purple

Differentiators: There are many different ways in the United States. They differ as to the size, but they grow in moist to dry soil. In full sun, they grow very high and rise even higher with flowers attracting butterflies. So they save space and the insects apparently like this.

Ready to welcome the wind

great designer plant like dandelion

How to use the plant’s best

You should rather soil the higher plants in the background of a flower bed. On the basis of the slim profile, I find not quite fit this however the Wolf plant. These should be placed more to the middle or at least away from bed edges. This type is perfect for rainy gardens. Some plants quickly to adaptierende a period of dryness but could survive.

Do you want on a colorful bouquet?

great designer plant as cut flowers

Notes for planting: Throughout the year, you can the Wolf plant began. But the autumn offers the best conditions for this. So the plant can stretch their roots during the winter. So she’s bigger and stronger and is ready in the spring for flowering.

great designers plant with butterfly

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