Great Designpflanze: The Zinnia Garden Lit Up Dry Stains

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the Zinnia yellow flowers garden grass flowers landscape

Zinnia in the garden

Seek to a hot, dry region in the garden? It takes a large dose of color and you don’t know how you achieve this? We can help you. The Zinnia is the plant that you need!

Botanical name: Zinnia Grandfolia

the Zinnia yellow flowers garden grass landscape

Common name: Zinnia

Origin: comes from the United States, Mexico and Central America

Where will it grow: in places where the temperature never falls below 0 degrees

Height range: 1200-1800 meters

Water requirements: very low

Light requirements: Very high

Height: 15-20 centimeters tall and 25 to 38 cm wide

Advantages and tolerances: It has a very long flowering period and is resistant to heat and drought. It is not touched by rabbits and deer.

When should it be grown: In spring

Interests of different seasons: it blooms mostly from June to the first Frost (the photos here are from July and September)

the Zinnia yellow flowers garden grass flowers fresh landscape

Distinguishing characteristic: Bright, Golden bright petals and dark orange dust bag. It has fine, needle-like leaves in a cool blue-green nuance.

How should it be used in practice

the Zinnia yellow flowers garden stones landscape exotic plants

You can very well use this plant in dry and dark gardens. These can be combined with plants dosing another drought.

Comments on the planting

the Zinnia yellow flowers fresh garden planting

Irrigate the root system, so that this well developed. Then, you should reduce the water.

This plant needs good fertilised soil and a sunny position

the Zinnia garden yellow flowers fresh Landschaftsbau

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