Great Plant – Bird Of Paradise Bush For A Sunny Southwestern Style

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great plant yellow flowers of sky art

Great plant – Bush of bird of paradise

Today I would like to introduce a plant, which leaves a really striking impression with its yellow flowers and green leaves. Their flowering time includes all seasons except winter. Currently, these plants have become very popular.

Botanical name: Caesalpinia cacalacoCommon name: CascaloteOrigin: Mexico

Water requirement: So the plant looks best, she should be watered once a week in summer and once a month in the winter.

Temperature: approx. 25 degreesLight needs: Full sunSize at maturity: 4 meters high and wideTolerances and benefits: Once grown, the plant is dry tolerantPeriod: From spring to autumnWhen should she be planted: between spring and autumn

Specific features

great plant yellow tree leaves yellow green

In season you can tell the plant whose yellow flowers. Furthermore, the yellow leaves are very attractive. They grow beautiful, thorny branches.

In a natural setting, the grows in large bushes. But in artificial environments they are used individually or in small groups of branches.

great plant yellow tree foliage green in the winter, the plant is an Evergreen plant, but if it is really wintry, you should protect them from the Frost

Otherwise she will freeze. The hot weather is not a problem.

You can remove the Dörner also quite simply with a matching knife.

How do you use this plant

great plant yellow tree deciduous landscape

Put the plants in places where they can be seen from the window. You are welcome this way with apricot Sage, the exotic Lantana montevidensis, Mexican honeysuckle, surrounded by Mexican Honeysuckle and firecracker Penstemon.

This plant can be used perfectly to the border areas of the streets. The variants without DaCosta are more suitable for parks.

Plant notes

great plant yellow tree leaves yellow saturated color

These should be used in full sun and in well fertilized soil. The width should be the triple of the roots and the depth of approximately matching or slightly larger.

The young trees enjoy most fertilizers in low resolution between the spring and the autumn.

You should prune the plants in the spring and summer. So, removing the damaged and tangled branches.

Saturated yellow flowers

Großratige plant tree always green yellow flowers

Shady under the tree in the backyard

great plant Tree Evergreen yellow flowers leaves

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