Great Plant For Your Garden: Physocarpus

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great plant for your garden shrub of the stairs

Great plant for your garden: Physocarpus

Today’s article is about a very practical and too little used Designpflanze, whose name Physocarpus is. This would perfectly grow in any sunny garden. Thanks to the modern methods of cultivation, this plant shows of different shapes and colors of flowers. She looks wonderful in large groups and represents a fantastic background for many other, very colorful place.

The Physocarpus shows already in the early summer and adorns the grounds. In the winter, ensures the plant drama by cutting off their bark and is just fabulous from depressions in this period. Its exciting appearance is both among fans of gekünstelten and popular natural gardening. Therefore, you can do nothing wrong.

We want to learn more about this artwork of nature?

Botanical name: Physocarpus opulifolius
User name: Physocarpus and English – Ninebark
Origin: North America
Water requirements: Above average
Light requirements: Direct sunlight or partial shade
Size: 2.5 to 3 meters in height and width

Tolerances and benefits: The plant features dramatic, eye-catching leaves, a bark separating from, fine flower heads and coloured breeding germs. The Physocarpus is very tolerant of the different temperatures and can be planted in very successfully different types of Earth. The plant loves humidity and is therefore ideal in the respective regions.

Seasonal restrictions: This plant can be on successfully in the various seasons. You is dramatically colored leaves in the spring. In early summer, the flowers may be white or purple depending on the Kultuvoierungsart. The seeds in the form of drooping bundle fall into early autumn. In the form of sheets, for a fascinating drama, worry bark shelling off in winter.

When should you plant the Physocarpus: In the fall or spring

Characteristic traits: I have stressed several times already that peel off the bark of the stems in winter.

This is a unique feature which is unmistakably the Physocarpus

great plant for your garden the stem close up

In early summer, the Physocarpus is already covered by abundant blooms in white or purple

great plant for your garden flowers

This shrub is very attractive for the wild life. Especially during the flowering in early summer, this is visited hummingbirds of many butterflies, bees, and depending on the country.

The pruning of the plant in late summer can contribute to a more active education of flowers in early summer.

But the leaves are the most important reason why the Physocarpus can be described as a Designpflanze. The newest form is called Diablo and characterized by fass-black leaves. This differs by the older and lighter Coppertina.

The best color show the Physocarpus in direct sunshine by Benjamin Vogt

great plant for your garden of Red leaves

Newer varieties such as ‘ DART’s Gold’ and ‘Amber Jubilee’ combine the freshness of the old varieties with an accent in metallic.

There are still the tender buds of the plant

great plant for your garden lush green

‘Center Glow’ is another form, which combines some traces of silver.

These are always darker in the course of the season

great plant for your garden leaves

There are also smaller versions of Physocarpus. These are particularly suitable for limited space.

How should you use this plant

This plant as a backdrop for others is especially suitable in most cases. The form of “Diablo” is very popular in this regard.

In the next figure you can see the wonderful this effectively in addition to some varieties red Immergrüner

great plant for your garden boy shrubs

Next you will see how the fine leaves of the variety “Little Devil” wonderfully fits to the colour of the great wall

Great plant for your garden for contrast

Finally – a few things that you should remember

You would have to know exactly the characteristics of the different varieties in the selection and adaptability to your very own outdoor area check this. You could use the plant for forming a meadow.

Or use as demarcation to the Court of the neighbour’s or the various areas in the garden

great plant for your garden mulch and grass

The currently most popular variety of Diablo is especially suitable for the small yard areas. If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the plant, you should make this the Sun out. That loves them and will thank you with their beauty.

great plant for your garden In the background

great plant for your garden directly before of the front porch

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