Green Garden Sculptures In Harmony With Nature

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garden sculptures Mrs Swan

Vibrant Green Garden sculptures

Vibrant Green Garden sculptures are nothing new in itself. These known to mankind for centuries. You have always adorned the courts of rulers and nobles. Now they have reached their modern versions. They combine the best of the old traditions and enroll wonderfully clean lines and perfect design in our modern gardens. In some cases, they characterized also by their cool colorful character.

We look back on Rome

From ancient times, you’ve seen the vibrant Green Garden sculptures representing humans and animals. Did you know that at the time the garden plastic was colored? So, the garden sculptures were only a representation of this.

And even a bit of history

You could write very much about the historical development of the green living sculptures. But we want to point out some very striking moments. At that time have been created very much out of the ordinary boxwood. The techniques and ideas have evolved at the time so far, you can draw up to today from this inspiration.

Suitable bushes for the living garden sculptures

sculpture made of elephant English garden

The vibrant Green Garden sculptures represent cut bushes in some form. One needs to have good results low types that are Evergreen and deciduous leaves. Everyone else would be suitable. However, in the latter case you should get a lot more imagination used.

The perfect look is a result of the centuries

If you want to achieve a wonderful and beautiful form, you have to be patient. You have to work many long years to fill the vacant jobs. If you continue but time and again, you are able to create even the most complex shapes.

When the selected bushes for the living green garden sculptures, you should contact in the spring an intensive fertilization. Never use common, but only good shears. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the previously good results.

Geometric boxwood figurines

sculpture made of boxwood art garden

The living sculptures and the seasons

It is very much in the way of the Büsches. But mostly the spring and part of the summer are the appropriate seasons, in which you should work on the great living works. At this time the Evergreen plants hold much more intense. Boxwood would be a typical example. The period from April to June is the best time to work on the desired shape.

Busy bee and flower

sculpture made of bee flowers

The appropriate instruments and other tips

We conclude that, which would be the appropriate instruments for the creation of the living garden sculptures and we could help you with some other tips. Use only clean instruments. Otherwise, you enter the danger, that you infect the plant. If she becomes ill, then pretty sure also your work will have been at the end of almost pointless. Important rule is that you cut the branches and not the leaves. Be aware, however, that the plant will be weakened as a result. So she will need a fertilization immediately afterwards.

At the end of the theme with the living sculptures we want to point out you to do everything with patience and not too fast. The longer period will pay off with good results.

Buddha in the garden

Meditation Garden sculptures of Buddha

Colorful killer whale

sculpture made of colorful killer whale

Unicorn grazing – magical and mystical

sculpture made of colorful Unicorn

Chameleon on the tree

garden sculptures Chameleon tree Succulents

Night owl

garden sculptures OWL tree

Floating fish

garden sculptures fish succulent vegetation

The funny frog

garden sculptures frog botanical garden

English garden with clean lines

garden sculptures of geometric shapes of English garden

Fabulous – Dragon Snake deity

garden sculptures deity stag snake

A funny family

sculpture made of green pigs

The little Fröschlein

garden sculptures frog Park

Drinking forest woman

garden sculptures mother nature waterfall

The natural woman

garden sculptures natural deer horses

The Parrot flock

garden sculptures Parrot Green

Colorful bird of paradise

garden sculptures bird of paradise colorful vegetation

A giant Butterfly

garden sculptures Butterfly stained

Wild horses

garden sculpture wild horses

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