Green Indoor Plants – Flowering, Easy To Grow Pot Plants

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Zyklame green house plants potted colors

Live Green and fresh!

The indoor plants contribute not only to the good mood and atmosphere, but can clean the air by keeping the harmful effects of the appliances and the syntentischen substances to a minimum. Here we have put together the specific, useful “skills” of the various plant species.

Produce oxygen

It has been proved, in an apartment, where there are several Green pot plants, the air is 40% cleaner. The most effective oxygen suppliers are Hlorofitum, Dieffenbachie, window sheet, Benjamini, Aucuba, Kaladium.

Green houseplants

flower pot indoor plants white azalea

You fight the bacteria

Many plant species to release Phytonciden – Bactericides that fight the bacteria. For example the Anthurium destroyed 70% of the staph. Put the potted plants where they are away from children and pets, as its SAP is poisonous. The azalea destroyed 70% of streptococci. Successfully, yet the lemon trees, the Rosemary, the hibiscus, the Dieffenbachie to fight the harmful bacteria.

This pot shows us cute pink flowers

green houseplants flowers flower pot

Strengthen the immune system

The lemon tree, the Ivy and other species produce Phytonciden and essential oils into the air.

Green houseplants neutralize the ammonia, the pets breathe out, in such a way, reduce the likely diseases of respiratory organs. The azalea and the Chrysanthemum can help.

Delicate red floral

flaming Käthchenrote green plants

They protect us from the fungal spores

Aucuba japonica destroyed the spores, which fly freely in the air and lead to coughing. This plant is characterized by lush growth and large foliage and you must grow them on the ground floor, where the spores are more and more.

Protect us from the harmful substances that release the furniture. The ferns neutralise these emissions.

Rubber tree with large foliage

houseplants big potted plants Benjamini foliage

Did know…

The plants have a positive effect on the psyche. To neutralize our negative emotions, in a certain way. The following types are among those.


Zyklame green house plants potted plants Zyklame flowers green house plants potted plants

Balz Amin

green houseplants healthy flowers


geranium pot flowers popular houseplantsgeranium red flowers feelings effect pleasant


azalea India exotic flower pot indoor plants

Tree Aloe

tree Aloe flower pot easy healthy


toxic substances to remove Cactus flower pot plants floweringcacti flower pot indoor plants ideas

Flaming Käthchen

flaming Käthchen green houseplantsflaming Käthchen flowers green

Japanese Camellia

green houseplants flowers Japanese Camellia


violet pot plants purple White House decorationviolet easy popular purple flowers, green plants


Benjamini green indoor plants flower potBenjamini houseplants pot plants green

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