Herbs And Spices Myself Growing: Cultivate Your Own Culinary Accessories!

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herbs and spices ceramic terracotta color

Grow herbs and spices themselves

Today’s article is the practical benefit, both to beautifying your garden. Because there are a number of spices, which can bring much color and beautiful fragrances in outdoor areas.

You can use some of these and others have a primarily ornamental function. The benefits are manifold: they can be used for making fine soaps and perfumes, in the fight against moths or for the removal of odors in the kitchen.

For gardeners and cooks who love the spices, the common Sage is the best possible choice (Salvia officinalis) probably. Thankfully, you can now buy this plant in gaz many different variations.

The melon Sage (S. rutilans, S. elegans) is also very popular, as well as for fruit of scented Sage (S. dorisiana). These are colored and affordable options for your garden. They grow well in warm weather conditions.

Some people confuse the melon Sage with the Scarlet Sage. The first has large red leaves.

Be careful! Some Salbeien even allergies and others can cause side effects.

Otherwise, the Sage for a healthy kitchen is essential

herbs and spices Sage fresh and fragrant

The important facts at a glance:

Light requirements: You need direct sunlight. Only in very warm climates, they can survive well in partial shade

Water requirements: You need relatively little irrigation

Vegetation period: from spring to autumn

Time for planting: spring or during warm weather in autumn

Herb Garden – designed in the Mediterranean style by Aloe designs

herbs and spices a delicious smorgasbord

Plants and maintenance: Search for a sunny location with good ventilation and excellent drainage. Improve the soil with the means. In principle you can cultivate the plant from the State of SAMES, but possible, rather try it with saplings and tree school products. So something can go badly wrong.

Allow a half up to one meter long distance between them.

Do you prefer use a flower pot? Then, this should be at least 80 cm wide and 50 cm deep.

You need to irrigate until it becomes strong regularly the plant and then only if required.

Ceramic glazed pots give more elegance your herb garden

herbs and spices as potted plants lush green

In most cases, completely sufficient deep watering once a month. Each spring, bringing fertilizers added. These can survive only protected indoors during the cold winters.

The spices are vulnerable like about mildew against fungal diseases and their roots can rot in the humid Earth.

These plants can be too slender in poor conditions. So you keep them healthy, take a circumcision during new growth in the spring.

Probably need to replace all a couple of years the plants with new.

A great, juicy herbal blend

lush mixed herbs and spices

It is also simple in small flowerpots made of ceramics

herbs and spices a green variety

Or do you prefer spacious, square buckets made of wood

herbs and spices in a large flower container wood

The harvest

Plucking the planted and the leaves. In the first year, you should go rather sparingly. So, you will promote growth. Two months before the first expected frost period, you should stop with the plucking. You can dry a few leaves for extended use. Through this method, you can intensify their properties!

Do you have a small garden or a terrace? Want to bring up some colour and smell on this? The spices were a super way to do so!

Much is with large stones and mulch to

herbs and spices two-step with mulch

Around and fenced with stones in the Centre of the garden

herbs and spices round fenced with large stones

Don’t throw away the old plastic boxes

herbs and spices plastic crates to help

You can make a wood box itself

herbs and spices in wood box

The old wine barrels get their second chance

herbs and spices in old barrels

Original flower pots give even more spice your herbs

herbs and spices pot as focus

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