Here You Can Enjoy The Summer In The Garden – What Is Must In July Do

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summer In the garden with great pink in bright shades

Enjoy the summer in the garden

Our July gardening instructions take the guesswork out of your summer: irrigation, pruning and planting are certainly on the list. See our tips for your region of the US

It’s hot out, and in the middle of planning your fourth of July barbecues remember, that your plants also wait for a cool drink in summer. Water, Plum, feed and plant construction. And while you do, enjoy your summer garden, admire your edible bounty.

From New England to the American Southwest, our regional Garden take the guesswork out of the summer garden maintenance guides, so you can spend more time to enjoy Mojito. Here is what you need to do in your garden in July of this year by the U.S. region.

North West. “When roses fade and the leaves are Brown, important wilted flowers to pick it out, or to cut the old flowers”, writes landscape designer Genevieve Schmidt.

“Through the pruning of these old flowers, let the rose continue to bloom throughout the summer. It is best to choose a hand facing outward, because the rose is growing for a new shot of the dormant Bud”

Jasmin – a fine fragrance for every garden

summer In the garden with delicate white flowers

California. “Together with gardenias, there are other ways, to perfume a summer garden. Almost all of them are less demanding”garden writes editor Bill marks.

The most versatile and easiest to all fragrance makers “the old reliable star is Jasmine, who is shown here; one of the most popular Evergreen California plants growing generations like a vine in a pot as a groundcover “

South West. “Plant sunflowers in the summer for the beauty and temporary shadow”, says Arizona gardener Noelle Johnson. “Sunflowers can grow easily from seed during the summer. You are a great way to provide shade for edibles such as cucumber and tomato plants.”

A magnificent sunflower – Royal and proud

summer In the garden sunflower warmth and pride

A landscape for Mediterranean lovers

summer In the garden with Mediterranean landscape

Rocky Mountains. “Hot, dry, windy weather can be tough on plants, but it is important to provide water in the dry West,” writes Colorado landscape architect Jocelyn Chilvers. “Keep your irrigation system in order as required to ensure that plants get enough water, but do not waste it.”

Clear shapes – large grass area

summer In the garden plain and elegant

White delicate flowers

summer In the garden many great plants in white

Texas. “Water of less but deeper deep grass roots to let, that will prove useful in our typical dry summers”, writes Texas landscape architect Jenny Peterson.

“Follow all water restrictions or watering guidelines for your area, but you should consider to add a rain sensor to your Automatic watering system. It shuts off automatically from your system, if it’s raining and so is your lawn does not have water.”

Central Plains. “On a mini tour through flowers let us go, what are flowering native plant gardens in a Central Plains”, writes Nebraska garden consultant Benjamin Vogt.  “This is wild quinine (Parthenium integrifolium, zones 4-8), with long-lasting white mini cauliflower flowers.” I use it because it’s just so damn unique – have you ever seen flowers like this? Wild quinine grows in dry to medium-sized floors of all kinds in full sun. “

Enjoy colourful flower variety

summer In the garden with many pots and plants diversity

Great Lakes. “With the highest temperatures of the year, it is more important than ever to keep tank for good irrigation”, writes Illinois garden coach Barbara Pintozzi. “On the hottest days she can make use of to be watered more than once a day. Remember, smaller containers and flower pots dry out faster than large container.”

Sunny marigolds and many culinary herbs

summer garden Marigold bright orange as Sun

Northeast. “My vegetable garden is full of flowers, because I wanted to have some coloured accents all the Basil, lettuce and tomato, and the flowers help butterflies and pollinators also trigger”, writes Vermont landscape consultant Charlotte Albers.

“Calendula has moved easily from seed and self sows easy – that’s half-filled C. ‘Flashback’ (Calendula officinalis) by Renee garden.” It is a very pretty shade of Orange. I use the petals to garnish the salads and cut flowers for festive bouquets by white Shasta daisies and zinnias added. “

Picturesque atmosphere on the own wildflower meadow

in the picturesque garden purple and violet

Mid-Atlantic. “Whether you use pallida for arrangements, the collection of lavender bath salts or finishing up basil, the July doesn’t matter a month of abundance”, writes author Amy Renea garden

The precious Petunia scent fills the air and delight the senses

summer In the garden enjoying with the scent of Petunia

South-East. “Cut you back summer flowers, so they not leggy will,” North Carolina proposes garden writer Helen Yoest. “A good time, is right, to do this before you go on holiday;… This way you will see how the plants get a fresh start. Petunia benefit from this type of summer. pinch”

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