High-tech Plant Equipment

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high-tech plants devices floating garden with fish

High-tech plant equipment – the modern help for the hobby gardener

Monitoring systems, hydroponics, even an electric pollination… these devices and their services allow your Greens are strong.

Who would need because not a little help to make life your a bit easier?

Soil moisture sensors, computer-generated planting tips to weather stations, a new generation of high-tech and low tech – devices is now there to help us all the indoor and outdoor garden design. All of this will redefine the belief that plants need “a green thumb”.

The farm at the window

high-tech plants devices small container vertical garden

The farm at the window is now automated. With this system, you can breed all year round from now a vertical garden. The Tower-shaped alignment provides the plants with nutrient-rich water through a reservoir system base running and is pumped to the top, and then flows down from plant to plant as through a funnel. With a simple electrical switch, the system is power-saving and cost-efficient way and it costs only a few euros a year.

Bitponics base station

high tech plant equipment base station

Have you heard of “the cloud”, which organized the virtual storage of all data in the world on the net? Bitponics provides a similar service through a “cloud”, which connects to your Wi Fi network the gardeners. It’s a Protzerei, but it makes a pretty cool service as: monitoring the pH values of plants, water and air temperature, light and humidity.

It warns about that far and away from the set and personalized plan of your plant and allows you to make several adjustments over the net.

The plant link

high tech plant equipment plants link

As plant manager you are dependent on plants link and data storage structure in the “cloud” sure on that. Plug one into the ground close to your interior and or outdoor plants (each plant area needs its own link) and enter the plant at the company’s website. You provide an irrigation plan, on the can you access online and receive necessary warnings via E-Mail.

Tart: ie 46

high tech plant equipment of compact container

The tart: ie 46 is a combination of intense energy-efficient lighting and an irrigation system. It offers the advantages of a home garden apartment residents. This compact tank comes in black, white, red or green and will fit your kitchen well.

The Botanicalls Kit

high-tech plants devices for communication

The Botanicalls Kit writes a variety of the needs of your plants to. It costs you a little patience and attention to the details of how “solder and Snip” until everything is set correctly, but the resulting device lets you communicate directly with your plant. There you go, who said that plants can’t talk?

The smart herb garden

high tech plant equipment of intelligent herb garden

The younger brother of click & grow is almost scary before knowing and always one step ahead. This newer version is equipped with a lighting for growth and as the original there is a refillable water tank, a cassette of plants with seeds and a great vitamin complex for the Earth also here.

Electronic sensors and the associated software are used in the flower pot. They assessed the needs of plants and releasing precise amounts of fertilizer products, air and water.


high-tech plants devices herb box

Another cool personal gardener for you is the humble-looking herb box from Erbizia. There’s more behind it than you can see at first glance. The box is filled with organic potting soil and seeds and is equipped with a special code that allows you to register on the side of retail. In addition, the retail is a free Council, daily to ensure that your vegetables and your herbs, for example: chives, thyme, oregano or parsley thrive.


high-tech plants devices modern irrigation

Italian Designer have combined their knowledge and skills in building, landscape and graphic design to this multi-tasking – to create irrigation device. It calculates the quantity and the quality characteristics of the water your garden needs and is based on air and soil moisture measurements as well as type and quantity of vegetables.

Parrot flower power

high-tech plants devices Parrot flower power

Parrot flower power takes over most of the work for your plant. It’s an irrigation device that is equipped with a wireless sensor to measure sunlight, Earth moisture, temperature and fertilizer. Are still looking for this product later in the year.


high-tech plants devices seeds by post

“So much like a garden-robot-friend”, one can describe the services of the robot of of shoot of. He answered the question of every new gardener: where do I start it? Just enter your zip code and the Scion robot submit to you a garden plan, which is easy to follow, because the location and the climate of your area is taken into account.

You will receive also seeds by mail just in time for the planting season. Or you decide even for the seasonal email memorial service to keep your garden up to date.

VegiBee garden be Duster

high tech plant equipment garden pollinators

VegiBee garden pollinators are acoustic-electric Handbestäuber, which can be used in home gardens, greenhouses and aim to increase crop yields by 30 percent per year. Battery-operated and rechargeable versions are also available.

Crystal flower posts

high tech plant equipment Crystal fertilizer

Covered with a walking fertilizer, Maria Bujalskas Crystal plant containers are not only beautiful, but help also the plants in the course of time. The roots of the plant grow through the matted fibers and feed with the slowly dissipating fertilizer that is released from the crystals at each irrigation. Finally, the plant merges with the plant container to be a constantly growing system.

Digital plant care sensor black & Decker PCS10 PlantSmart

high tech plant equipment care sensor

This plant sensor is a great device. It shows exactly what kind of plants to grow indoors or outdoors. It also offers step by step tips for thousands of different plants.

Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor

high tech plant equipment wireless sensor

In addition to its sleek design, the Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor has still a lot to offer. After he has measured the Earth moisture, temperature and light intensity, he determined the needs of your plant and sends you to the updates via free Smartphone application.

The singing plants comrade

high tech plant equipment singing bird

A little bird told me about it! The comrade of the plants is measured the moisture at the root level, and when the plant needs watering, the birdie sings. Have at night, don’t worry. Once in the room is dark, a light sensor disabled the bird sound, so that you are not crazy by the continuous chirping.

Green box

high tech plant equipment smart phone and green box

Another garden by phone, is the green box. In itself an iOs-controlled irrigation system that uses local weather data to create personalized watering programs. You get this phone on your smart.

Floating garden

high-tech plants devices floating garden with fish

The concept of floating Garden by Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio used a specialized Aquaponik tank and filtration system to recycle the nutrients from fish waste to that feed and water the plants.

The blue-green box by Andrew de Melo

high tech plant equipment with Aquarium

The green box is a system for 38-litre fresh water aquarium. The case has filled four plastic beds with gravel. Water flooded the beds in a specified interval of time and allows nutrients from the fish waste and gravel (or else fertilizer) thus to attract and guide to the roots.

MI garden

The MI garden is a plant system, which is equipped with a built-in growth lighting, irrigation system and a micro controller, which controls all the. Select the type of your plant and the status and the system does the rest for you. All you have to do is occasionally to monitor the water and nutrient needs.

high tech plant equipment MI garden ultra modern

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