How Do I Make My Garden In European Style

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how do I make my garden beautiful sculpture

How do I make my garden – design ideas in the European style

We have written a lot about different styles and trends in interior design. We have found that a country, Belgium, Provence, Spanish and so on can be achieved style by certain means and methods of establishment.

Beautiful garden arches, decorated with flowers

garden arch plants garden design

But even if you think the question “How create I my garden?”, one can think something else instead of the approach. Including also such, one could understand that you like to draw inspiration from the one or another geographical region. And Yes, exactly! So we want to understand like this question today.

A pleasant garden with garden furniture set and many plants

how do I make my garden garden furniture set

European style

On a garden and landscape seminar in the United States, in Africa or Asia, we would talk about the European plants as “exotic”. It’s for us, something funny as Europeans in the first moment.

A beautiful azalea Bush

azalea Bush pink flowers garden ideas

Modern simpler garden design

how do I make my garden stool benches plants

At the same time to learn such experience, that the differentiation which like the garden design, such as British or Mediterranean, there first be regarded as a SideShow.

Decorate the fence with climbing plants

how do I make my garden bushes climbers

Because there are properties of garden design, which you could see clearly as typical “European” in the eyes of the viewers from other continents. You are respected in all regions despite the differences. Read on so that you convince yourself that there is probably quite such.

And large, knows the European garden some classical rules for centuries and trying not to break through them. The geometric shapes, as well as the system of roads, which is formed out of this in general are distinctive.

Prune the bushes in beautiful characters

as I design my garden French look

Makes a great garden, with style and taste

as I design my garden European style

If you want to appear in your garden in a typical European style, then you should continue to think of many seating areas with benches distributed in the middle of the nature. Creeks, published classical sculptures and arches covered with greenery and flowers are also very typical.

The sculptures make the garden look nicer

as I design my garden sculpture made of

A whimsical garden arch

bow flower flowers garden garden Gstalten

Dodge the exoticism or put this in a separate area

At this point, you could rephrase the main question of the article somewhat. So as one could ask: “How I can make my garden in European style and thereby integrate a little exoticism?”. Generally, it is not recommended to mix European and exotic plants within a garden concept.

The types on which you should focus for the first time, would be as an example:

-For the design: different types of bushes and cherry Myrtle (Eugenien)

-To the flanking of the garden paths: low growing plants such as stone herbal, forget-me-not, geraniums, carnations, Begonias and small roses

-For green fences you could make the following kinds: ordinary PRIVET (Ligustrum vulgare), Myrtle (Myrtus communis), snowball (Viburnum), Calliandra Twedii

-Evergreens, which could put further accents are azaleas, gardenias, jasmine and camellias.

-As Creepers selection does not go beyond mostly the rose bushes.

Decorate the fence with Myrtle

design garden fence of Myrtus communis

Looks like the Ligustrum vulgare plant

plants garden fence Ligustrum vulgare

Ligustrum vulgare fruits

figures Ligustrum vulgare garden fruits

Snowball fruits, but not white, but Red

Viburnum plants garden design ideas

Azalea bushes in white and pink

garden design pink azalea Bush White

Beautiful white gardenias

garden design plants gardenia Bush

Plant a Camellia Bush in the garden

figures European style garden Camellia Bush

The different eras

The classical structure of the garden had a different face in all eras. If you look at this from today’s perspective, you have the opportunity to create a combination of the best features of different eras. Regards the paths and fountains, you should draw inspiration especially from the Renaissance and later periods.

As I said, can and have been integrated for centuries many plant exotic from a European perspective this garden style. You should noticed that probably also on the display from above.

But also the creation of a specially cultivated winter garden, heat – and brings in moisture-loving species is common. But that would be a theme for themselves… In another article, we’ll cover it! Promised!

Garden design with Jasmin Busch

figures European style Jasmin Busch garden

Viburnum flowers

garden design plant Viburnum flowers

This deer looks like real sculpture!

garden sculpture deer garden figures

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