How To Design A Garden In The Eco-friendly House

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How can you make a garden in the eco-friendly House

Summer is a great time, the weather is beautiful, and we can sit in the garden much longer. There, you can make your landscape works, talk with family and friends, relax and lie in the Sun. There you can also your eco-friendly lifestyle with green room décor, refurbished systems and sustainable design ideas prevail. Today 10 ideas have for you, as you can to make your space eco-friendly green.

1. connect the space with the Interior:

Try to blur the boundary between space and interior of your home. With open Windows and doors to get fresh air into the House. The architectural options as glass walls and glass doors help you to enjoy the fresh breeze without the pets inside.

Connect the interior space through open Windows and doors

terrace garden house design In the environmentally-friendly urban

2. bring green materials for renovations and transformations

If you are thinking about a wooden deck, you buy recycled or old wood from other buildings. Many wood storage projects offer a great selection of old wood for your space. Concrete, wrought iron and even railway sleepers are great materials for the garden.

3.Ersetzen you the worn out and low-energy lighting fixtures against-energy-saving:

The lighting fixtures are very important for the functionality and the charm of the space. Perhaps you have not thought about, but the old plants consume much energy and increase your electric bill. Replace the old models against energy-saving or even solar powered systems. The old light bulbs can be replaced with LED lights for the walkways, entrance door and door to the backyard, garage, and landscape around the House.

For your free space, use the old material on the new

Garden In the eco-friendly house design dining table metallic

4. DIY space used decor ideas:

Take an old piece of furniture out of the garage and use it as a decorative flower pot on the porch. Such decor you can also at the flea market and garage sales find and make for a painting in your garden.

5. install innovative technologies for energy saving

The motion detector at the entrance to help you to save energy. Connect your alarm system and outdoor lighting with a “smart home” technology. Many devices can be controlled online so that you can save energy from abroad.

Bring used and recycled materials for decoration and repair projects

Garden In the eco-friendly house design rattan furniture seating

6. create the free space of your House prettier with reclaimed water systems

The lush surroundings could lead to a high water bill. Try to install reclaimed water plants in your garden. A drainage system that stores rainwater, is a great solution for the landscape. Consult with a landscape architect or sustainability expert.

7. decorate the children’s play corner with eco-friendly materials

Consider the recycled rubber tires for the playgrounds for the children. Rubber is soft, has a longer life than wood and is the imagination of the children are requesting in an array of colors available.

Decorate the children’s playgrounds with rubber from recycled tyres

garden climbing wall In the eco-friendly house design

8. create Earth for your landscape

Instead of half a fortune to spend each year in the hardware store or nursery for Earth, make a compost from food waste and leftovers. So get a rich natural fertilizer and your plants thrive better.

9. install energy-saving heating and cooling systems

Make sure that your heating and cooling systems emit no hazardous fumes. Read the instructions if the product is certified, and in which category it is.

Take eco-friendly furniture and recovered products for the recreation areas outside

garden gazebo In the eco-friendly House figures illuminated wood

10. buy eco-friendly garden furniture

Don’t forget your relaxation rooms. Think about used furniture, you could refurbish for a new look or buy furniture from reclaimed wood or recycled plastic. Your space to be comfortable and relaxing, but you should take into account the energy sources.

What are you doing for your eco-friendly garden?

garden In the eco-friendly house design private design idea

Private designer landscaping ideas

home design garden design In the eco-friendly private country sheep construction

garden In the eco-friendly house design private design naturehome design Garden In the eco-friendly private design original

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