Impress 10 Cactus Types That You

Cacti species – 10 of the most attractive Cactus species in the eye-catcher

Are you impressed by the special beauty of the cacti? These can be the home appear individually, by placing an eye-catching accent in the room. Have you made but ever thought about, how many types of cacti there are? Here the answer: A lot!

Cacti species – a variety of decorations for the home

cacti species plants decorate apartment

Not everyone has a green thumb, but all appreciate the beauty of the plants. If you are among these people, dragging cacti as a suitable room decoration into consideration. The cacti are some of the most interesting plant species. Living room, balcony and terrace have a fresh feel through the use of cacti.

What we find but great is that one can choose the room decoration among many cacti species.

Cacti species for every taste as distinctive room decoration

succulent Cactus species opuntia

The barrel Cactus looks exceptionally

succulent Echinocactus kind fancy color

Have you ever suspected that cacti can look like?

succulent houseplants types ideas

Some of the most attractive Cactus species are as follows:

Bischofsmütze (Astrophytum)

Strength and beauty in one

kakten Astrophytum of planter flower types

Cacti tie always views itself

cacti species Astrophytum of decode ideas

Zwergcereus (Chamaecereus)

Kinda messy, or?

cacti species Chamaecereus houseplants

Some useful information for these cacti – the young shoots are similar to peanuts at the beginning of their growth

cacti species Chamaecereus flower


And it’s a cactus? Yes, the Christmas Cactus!

cacti species Schlumbergera zimmerdeko ideas

The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) is suitable as a hanging flower

Cactus Schlumbergera species unusual purple flowers


Rhipsalis in flower pot – a perfect eye-catcher in the room, which makes hanging rung

cacti species Rhipsalis planter decode

Cacti and Succulents are great for room decoration

cacti species Rhipsalis succulent species


The Parodia flower has a beautiful look

cacti species Parodia yellow flower

The strains vary from spherical to cylindrical

cacti species Parodia beautiful flowering succulent species


Cacti make a fabulous figure in Garden and living room

Cactus species Opuntia failed

Nipple Cactus (Mammillaria)

The nipple Cactus is easily identifiable, because it forms groups

succulent species Mammillaria Cactus

Nipple Cactus with tiny flowers

succulent Cactus Mammillaria species


Cactus with a beautiful flower puts everyone in astonishment

succulent Hamatocactus beautiful flowering species

Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus)

The barrel cactus and his hard arbors

succulent Echinocactus kind planter

Silver candle (Cleistocactus)

You can see the silver candle at a time. These are slender, tall cacti

succulent Cleistocactus beautiful cacti species

Garden Decor ideas with cacti

succulent species Cleistocactus backyard design

Even if you think cacti need no care at all, it is not entirely true. But much easier it is possible one to maintain their beauty for a long time. Everything in the everything if you want to shoot the bird with a fancy decoration, you put them on cacti! You have to choose among a rich variety, so you can find the right eye-catcher in the room! Some cacti have beautiful flowers such as the flowers themselves, others, however, fascinated by a strange phenomenon. The choice is yours!

At Cactus, you can experience a huge variety of shapes

cacti species Rhipsalis depend on planter

Cacti change the exterior

succulent Echinocactus cacti species

Many cacti have beautiful delicate flowers

succulent species Mammillaria fraileana flowers

Cactus hang

cacti species Rhipsalis pentaptera

Barely there these Cactus of a flower

cacti species also called flower species sukulenten

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