Is Winter Garden Einrichten-what To Observe?

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Conservatory set up temporary unlock

Autumn is here. Quickly set up the winter garden

There is still time to establish a winter garden this year.  Would you be willing to do this? If you still doubt whether a facility is necessary or not, read our article. We try for the idea through a bit of history and practical tips to fascinate.

A bit of history…

The winter garden is in the form of known to us in the 16th century. Wealthy citizens have to build such covered structures then there maintain the lemons, oranges and other exotic fruits in the cold months.

Garden care even in the winter it goes?

Conservatory set up drawing

Two main types of the Conservatory institution

Then created two main types of winter garden facility. They are still current today. The Green House is the a Variant. It is a building designed specifically for this purpose. This is always designed so that it penetrates very much sun.

In the other case, it is a small room made of glass, which is built in the House.

Limonea was the term for such buildings in Italy and orangerie – in Northern Europe. Over time, you could grow more and more varieties of plants in the winter gardens. Some were intended for the catering industry. To assess other high because of green freshness and the pleasant fragrance that they spread.

People long before us is dealt with gardening and care in the winter

Conservatory set up courtyard

Winter of sensitive plant species should be considered good

Conservatory set up fountain

The winter garden can be a smart addition to the building

Conservatory set up Rococo

A complete glazing promises enough light and cold protection

Conservatory set up stem

Pitched roof

In the 18th century, a Danish researcher has proposed the construction of an angle sloping roof in such buildings. This construction method had the advantage that much more sunlight penetrates into the building than in other cases.

Century – heyday of the winter gardens

In the 19th century, the winter gardens experience a flowering period. That has certainly do a lot with the development of technologies at this time. Through this, it was just possible that a building existing 75% up to glass is heated very well.

A winter garden means many issues and at the same time an incomparable joy

Conservatory set up typical

A good planning in advance makes much sense especially in financial terms

Conservatory set up wood

Good conditions for the plants and a luxury pleasure for you

Conservatory set up Pavilion wooden slats

The winter garden can offer RESTful even in summer

Conservatory set up Pavilion

Today the establishment of the winter garden

It is probably obvious that contemporary technologies provide us with many more options than these one or two centuries ago. So we get the desired results – more nature and freshness in winter – much easier.

You should plan the winter garden the best along with the House and set up

The best plan the Conservatory along with the House. If it is already to late, then you should think second on a refactoring. Is there a storage facility or another space, which could be suitable this end well? Is its current use the optimum? If not, you should remember to fit the new purposes.

Do you need protection for your plants?

Conservatory set up light

Depending on the species and quantity, there are many plastic solutions on the market

Conservatory set up temporary solution

If only for the winter or year-round, depending on your individual needs

winter garden setting up reference

The appropriate materials

Different materials represent good options for winter garden setting. According to the aesthetic and practical criteria, search them. First, ask yourself whether the materials are enough heat insulating. Then, you should just consider what goes best with the aesthetics of your whole House.

The winter garden can be virtually a part of your home

Conservatory set up temporary small

So you can enjoy your green environment much more frequently

Conservatory set up double pack

In addition, you benefit from the favorable light in the winter garden

Conservatory set up glazing


A key moment for the setting up of the winter garden represents the glazing. It is in particular whether the project or not serve long. The glass which you use that must be necessarily heat insulating.

When you set up the ceiling of the winter garden, security is a major concern. The tendency is still very important. The area must make to the rays of the Sun in winter a right angle incidence. This is beneficial for all seasons. In winter, thus admitted as many rays of the Sun and in summer – rejected. So you have an optimum temperature all year long in your winter garden.

Their patio can be an excellent winter garden

domed winter garden set up

Breakfast in the sunny winter garden heated? could you start your day better?

Conservatory set up breakfast

It is scientifically proven that light has a positive effect on us

Conservatory set up wood frame

Important to keep in mind when choosing material the factor is heat and energy

winter garden setting up mirroring

Their diligence around the winter garden will pay off guaranteed

Conservatory set up tropical plants

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