Japanese Garden Serves As Inspiration For A Harmonious Garden Design

Japanese garden garden design and landscaping Japanese style

Japanese garden outside? Tips and advice for its design

People decide to make a Japanese garden, if they want to have more tranquility and natural beauty in their lives. All features which are typical of a facility in the outdoor area, are dedicated, also these two ideas.

Modern garden design in Japanese-style

Japanese garden landscaping modern Asian style

The trend to make Japanese garden, is becoming increasingly popular due to the stressful everyday life. At the same time is always profound, also the Western knowledge, how to accurately set this up. So recent posts about it can be, how to create as a small miracle of nature at home, never too much.

Today we have another such for you that’s why.

Asian influences on the contemporary garden design

Japanese garden creating garden design Japanese style

What you need to set up the Japanese Garden:


To set up a Japanese garden, you need small and large stones. These symbolize mountains, hills and Islands.

Make garden stones out

Japanese garden landscaping garden way rocks Japanese style

Discover the natural beauty of the stones

Japanese garden landscaping with stones Asian style

Sand and pebble

The water must be represented in a Japanese garden. By a small Creek, and sand and pebble you can represent the lakes and rivers. This is the meaning of the pathways in a Japanese garden. That is why they occupy very often also take the form of various figures.

Garden design with gravel

landscaping stone Japanese garden ideas

Japanese-style courtyard

Japanese garden landscaping with pebble and stone Japanese style


Whether via the paths or via a real stream or small river, you should build bridges. You must be like a bow or zig-zag shaped.

Aphorisms by emperors and ancient philosophers

The Japanese garden is a symbolic representation of the Eastern philosophy of life. But it also helps further if you verbally again brings to mind whose leading ideas. At the same time, they create bridges to contemporary designer ideas. To decorate the House and garden with interesting motifs and fonts is now super modern!

Buddha statue as the focal point in the garden

Japanese garden Buddha statue garden design with Steunen

Typical Japanese garden ornaments

Japanese garden sculpture made of Japanese style garden design

Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants occupy a worthy place in the concept of the Japanese garden. You make it long beautiful – just like nature, which he represented all four seasons.

Always green is always nice

Japanese garden modern garden design Japanese style courtyard

Decoration, which stands for architectural forms

Nothing random must be located in the Japanese garden. What looks like decoration, has an important symbolic meaning. That’s why also the selection of objects which can be used for such a purpose, is very tight.

Decorative elements in the Japanese garden

Japanese garden fresh landscaping ideas of Asian style

Stone and metal lamps

Stone and metal lamps may be used as a small miniature paintings in the Japanese garden.

The elements of “Stone” and “Water” should not be missing in the Japanese garden

Japanese garden landscaping stone Japanese style


Tsukubai can also be used as decoration in the Japanese rock garden. It is a small stone basin with spring water. It is used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Tsukubai – stone basin with spring water

Japanese garden landscaping gravel and MOSS Japanese style

Small pagodas

Small decorative pagodas, the worship of nature underlying the also the idea of the Japanese garden, can also be used.

Typical elements of the Japanese culture

Japanese garden Arbour Japanese style

Shishi – Odoshi items

Japanese items, which are used for the distribution of birds in the garden areas fall under the term Shishi-Odoshi. The most popular variant consists of one or more tubes of bamboo. These are filled with water and positioned so that they strike against stones. This produces melodious sounds, which sell the birds.

Garden privacy screen bamboo

Japanese garden bamboo garden privacy screen Japanese style

All of these elements represents the Japanese garden in a symbolic manner the perfection of nature. It would be no exaggeration to say that you will have a symbolization of nature in your outdoor through this garden. You can imitate real existing landscapes.

Garden pond with Goldfish

Japanese garden pond with fish Japanese style

Also, some Japanese Gardens show running symmetric design axes. Usually you reach it, placing one to each other like a mirror positioned trees and stones.

Enjoy the perfection of nature

Japanese garden pond and sculptures of Japanese style

The repetition of elements is very important in this respect. Under no circumstances this may lead to overfilling. These must be evaded even intentionally. Precisely this aspect represents a major challenge for the Europeans. The people of Europe not planted large surfaces traditionally bad can perceive.

Harmony in the great outdoors

Japanese garden landscaping garden pond Japanese style

Create a vibrant oasis of green

Japanese garden landscaping ideas of Japanese style

Creative floor design in the garden with lawn and stone paving

Japanese garden landscaping lawn carpet Japanese style

Asian-style wooden Pergola

Japanese garden summer house wooden Japanese style

A quarries drives to the House

Japanese garden garden pond Japanese style

Japanese rock garden

Japanese garden design with gravel garden ideas of Japanese style

Surrounded by nature

Japanese garden modern garden design Japanese style

Water resources play a major role in the Japanese garden

Japanese garden pond garden design Japanese style

Potted plants on the terrace can represent the Japanese style

Japanese garden terrace design with potted of Japanese style

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