Landscaping: Ideas And Inspiration For The Perfect Garden

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Garden design is a pleasure for most people. Who has an own property or has leased a garden, is usually also concern garden planning. There are many ideas for the expansion of the garden. Garden fans, who are about the style of your garden clear, can go creative on the work and creating a harmonious, featured garden landscape. We have summarized here some tips, design ideas, and some inspiration for the design of the perfect garden.

The expansion of the paths in the garden

Garden paths are needed and can contribute to the successful design of the garden as an important element. Countless opportunities there are for the creative garden planner, to build beautiful paths in the garden picture. Slabs, paving, concrete blocks, natural materials such as gravel and gravel, and stone, among the most popular materials used for the creation of garden paths.

Also ways of wood have lots of charm and are very decorative in the garden. Different materials can be combined well when removing the paths. Steel and wood are often combined a coherent image. During the execution of the works, which are necessary for the creation of the paths in the garden, it is advisable to get the an and other professional advice.

landscaping ideas landscape summer flowers bench garden paths

Water in the Garden: biotope or swimming pond

A biotope in the garden with frogs and dragonflies, abundant reeds and lush water lilies, is a wonderful eye-catcher. Here offer individual design options. The appropriate Habitat for animals and plants in the garden is too expensive, has the opportunity to integrate a swimming pond water, a fountain or water surfaces in the garden also with small streams.

creating a garden design ideas garden pond water lilies lotus

Yin and Yang in the garden design note

The proportion of water area in the garden should be taken into account. A surface that is too large in relation to House and garden, can be according to the according to the law of yin and Yang to dark, soft and cold. A water surface should be therefore, surrounded with beautiful plants to compensate for the energy conditions. Lotus flowers are yin and Yang, for example, the flowers of summer. You stand for friendship, peace, peace and harmony and are missing in a garden pond.

Stairs in the Garden: eye-catcher rather than pure expediency

The pure functionality of a garden staircase is usually detrimental to the beautiful garden aesthetics. Stairs in the garden can be true eye-catcher and even an experience. Concrete cast stone give a refined and high-quality look garden stairs and entrance portals and are an alternative to wood. Wood artisan processing but also ensures that an appealing appearance at transitions and stairs on the garden plot.

garden design ideas garden stairs stone wood

Insert light into the garden

The garden lighting plays a big roll in the perfect garden design. Skillfully placed spotlights are able to dive the grounds in a beautiful light. Spotlights in the water are especially idyllic and romantic. When these are combined with radiant floor coverings or modern optical fibers, gives an atmosphere of garden that is irresistible. Light-emitting diodes are suitable in the garden area. Light hardly there are limits of effective garden design. Also torches, pole lamps, braziers and lanterns are diverse for an atmospheric garden lighting.

garden design ideas lighting torch lights necklaces

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