Landscaping: Plant A Living Wreath

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Make a living wreath itself

plant living wreath garden design

Resistant, drought tolerant Succulents are a perfect decoration for gates, fences, walls and doors. To create a vibrant wreath that you need:-Wire wreath form-Long fiber Sphagnum moss-Potting mix-Succulents-Florist wire

Beautiful, vibrant wreath

plant wreath forms ideas living wreath

Wreath forms are available at craft supply stores in a number of different forms, which you can customize to your landscape. The care depends not on the wreath form, but by their size: larger wreaths keep in moisture better than small wreaths and need less irrigation.

Soak your peat moss in water for an hour before you plant your wreath. Take a handful of MOSS and gently press excess moisture. Place the foam on the ground and on the sides of your wreath form.

Mix potting soil

plant a living wreath arrange

After you have created the moss on the sides of your wreath form, fill them with potting soil. Leave an inch between the soil and the top of the MOSS. Moisten potting soil, mix it slightly, remove the Succulents from their pots, and arrange the plants so as you want.

more Moss between the plants

plant a living wreath Moss

Put more Moss between the plants, so that it mingles with the potting soil and firmly holds. Use clips or binding on the Moss, to fix it.

wrap the wreath with wire

plant a living wreath

If necessary, wrap the wreath with wire. After planting, water the wreath. Leave your wreath in the apartment for a week. For best results place the wreath in a shady place.

Top plants for a living wreath

landscaping plants you a vibrant wreath

-Aeoniums-Rosary vine (Ceropegia)-Crassulas-Echeverien-Euphorbia-HaworthienHens-and chicks (Sempervivum)-Kalanchoes-Sedums (ground type)

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