Lavender Effect – Interesting Facts And Practical Tips

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effect of lavender essential oil candles

Lavender: Effects and applications

Many of us have experienced the effect of lavender since her childhood, back then but always still unconsciously. Because this is a plant which surrounds us everywhere. Many memories from our childhood are associated with Lavender aroma. Its effect is of course very individual.

What actually constitutes the lavender?

In terms of the better effect, it is always good the product to which it is to get to know more. It is an Evergreen shrub with silver leaves. The lavender healing is mainly concentrated in its blooms. It can be used in various ways withdrawn by us humans.

The trade involves the removal of the essential oil. During the process of distillation, you get the water of lavender. Many people know their effect, because it is used in many different products in everyday life. The House method for keeping is the herb through drying.

Lavender effect and the various forms of processing

Lavender effect water dry SOAP

The aspects of the effect of lavender are so diverse that it is even a bit risky to speak. It is the risk to miss something important. But we try to call this the most important.

In the first place, the lavender has an antibacterial effect. That’s why he comes very broadly used in cosmetics and detergents. This is very effective in the healing of wounds and infections. As Profilaxis against flu, you can also use lavender.

If you often burn themselves, no matter in what form, or in the Sun, whether at home with cooking you should keep funds with Lavender also ready. Their effect in such cases is one of the fastest that is there.

Lavender effect against stress

If you want to distribute the stress at home, then the lavender can help also much further due to its effect. Also this cure insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations and other symptoms.

In the summer could heal not only the burns, but keep the unwanted insects away from your skin. In other words should be necessarily present in this season of lavender under your home remedies.

Beautifully packaged SOAP, essential oil

Lavender effect oil SOAP

Dry Lavender. Effect

Finally, we want to enter today on the effect of lavender in a dry condition. In this form it is known the least? You can take him in the form of tea or various juice blends. Headaches or when you’re stressed out, you can keep dry Lavender under the pillow. Why put Lavender actually not as a decoration in your home?

A slight feeling of summer

Lavender effect decoration home

Bath salts with Lavender

Lavender effect bath salts

Handmade candles with dried Lavender

Lavender effect tea DIY

Beautiful purple lavender SOAP

Lavender effect SOAP cubes form

Done to the drying

Lavender dried effect

Homemade SOAP a la Provience

Lavender effect SOAP homemade

Body butter with lavender oil

Lavender effect body lotion loop green

Heart-shaped soaps

Lavender effect SOAP heart shape

Purple bath salts in the shell

Lavender effect bath salt Bowl spoon

Fabulous views

Lavender effect plants field

A magnificent Lavender garden

Lavender effect garden plant

Lavender tea

Lavender effect tea

Beautiful bouquets

Lavender effect bouquets

Summer table decoration

Lavender effect table decorations

Fresh and fragrant

Lavender effect basket picked

Rich Lavender harvest

Lavender effect dried bouquets

Beautiful potted plants

Lavender effect pots

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