Lawn Fertilizing Properly: Useful Tips On Lawn Care

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Do you know how and when you fertilize the lawn properly?

The lawn fertilizing in the correct manner is certainly a task in the garden, which you must not miss. Many factors make sure that this type of lawn care is inevitable. Among others, you must fertilize the lawn properly to compensate for the consequences of other itself obligatory actions. What do we mean?

Also the fertilizing belongs to the lawn care

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Well, every action in the nursery has its positive and negative consequences. On the one hand, you must of course regularly change the lawn. But this in turn the nutrients are lost, which also needs the green.

Do you want so green and well manicured front yard?

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What leads the ample casting without fertilizing

If you irrigate much, but not regularly fertilize the lawn properly, you soon notice many bad processes. No wonder in this case if the green button is poorer, thinner and leaner. Also, it may be that it is filled with time with a lot of weed.

Garden design with grass and natural stones

Lawn properly fertilizing gardening calendar gardening way stones

But also don’t get into panic. Everything that this look means is that you can again provide the lawn with ample nutrients. You would have to properly provide the lawn with enough minerals and organic fertilizers.

Lawn care in spring and summer

lawn properly fertilize lawn garden calendar

Here, you will need a practical fertilizer cart

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Determine the needs of your eyes

Another good news is that you can determine the State of the grass without special investigations, only after the appearance. According to whose appearance you could find out quickly what is actually missing the lawn.

When is the lawn fertilizing necessary?

lawn properly fertilize lawn In spring garden calendar

If the grass on the surface as is yellowish, then one can speak pretty sure by nitrogen deficiency. The lower leaves are dried, and yellowish look. If there is insufficient potassium, can be seen in turn this on other symptoms. The middle and lower leaves begin to look yellowish solution. Stains appear on the tips of the blades and they start to dry out.

There are various fertilizers on the market

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Mineral and organic fertilizers

The reasonable dealing with the mineral and organic fertilizers is a part of the right lawn fertilizing. In the former, it is sufficient if they are taken to use every 3 or 5 years. You spread them into strips that are between 1 and 1.5 meters wide.

Mineral and organic fertilizers

lawn properly fertilize lawn gardening

Do you know when you need to fertilize the lawn?

You in turn brings fertilizing with mineral fertilizers widely used. You need 3 kilos per 100 square meters according to current regulations, twice per year. You can opt for a combined fertilizer. In this case, you need 3-4 kilos per 100 square meters. You should use 2-3 times a year, so that proper fertilizing the lawn can fold.

Get started!

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In the lift you need a Superphosphate fertilizer. This is so especially necessary when preparing the lawn for the winter. You need a lot of 3-7 kg for every 100 square metres.

Practical steps

The actions are described here also quite practical, through which you could fertilize the lawn properly.

The Dünungsmittel can be dispersed by machines or by hand. A capsule should be visually on each square metre.

Doing the scattering ground lawn.

You must pour after each fertilization.

You should distribute the fertilizers early in the morning or late in the evening.

Professional lawn care

lawn properly fertilize garden calendar professional lawn care

Protect your health

You should not underestimate the risks to your health when the fertilizing. Looking for a protective mask, flat protective goggles, gloves and appropriate work attire.

After the completion of the work the hands and it should be washed sought abundant with SOAP and water.

Cute Bunny in the grass

lawn properly fertilize gardening calendar gardening ideas

For the love of gardening

lawn properly fertilize Lawn Garden Kaninnchen

Who are looking forward to fresh spring grass?

lawn properly fertilize lawn care landscape

Ducks on the lawn

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