Lawn Mowers, Aerators And Co: Year-round Lawn Care With The Right Equipment

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Year-round lawn care with the right equipment

As a hobby gardener, you need the right garden tools to make shine also throughout the year in a lush green garden. Just the lawn is a status symbol for many gardeners. Who do not maintain his lawn, risking ugly sites, burnt grass, MOSS or weeds in the lawn. What is needed therefore, throughout the year an inviting place to make the lawn?

lawn front garden design ideas of the perfect lawn


Like garden design, also the lawn care begins in the spring, after the frost.

Clean lawn surface

First, the lawn should be removed now from parts of plants, cut material waste and grass felt (mosses).

Grass felt degrades the nutrient intake of the lawn as well as also the aeration of the soil. The removal of MOSS and co. can be sometimes quite tedious, there is advice here.

summer lawn care tips garden design ideas


In addition, it is advisable to scarify the lawn in the spring, this promotes the aeration of the soil and can be easily carried with a scarifier. Then, the grass is fit for the first fertilization of the year.

Touch-up sowing

If gaps have the lawn, should (from damage caused by frost or similar) even a touch-up sowing is worth in the spring.

Lawn in summer


In contrast to the spring and autumn, very little for the lawn must be done the summer months. However, some points to keep in mind, because in the hot months of the year the lawn of special stress is exposed. Children playing or barbecues make the lawn with a particular challenge. It is therefore important to mow the grass at regular intervals, every 7 to 10 days should already be there to achieve a dense habit. Shady lawns grow somewhat slower than the rest of the lawn. Different lawn mower seats depending on the size of the lawn. There is information about the right choice of a suitable lawn mower under the pre link.

lawn front garden design ideas lawn mower


Who wants to save is still unsightly brown spots on the lawn, must undertake a regular watering – just if the rain stays out longer time. For large lawns or even to go on vacation to play it safe, the use of automatic Sprenkleranlagen is. It rivets to in water, so the water evaporates immediately and sufficient water available is the grass in the hot midday hours in the early hours of the morning.

ideas lawn fertilizing lawn front garden design and irrigate


Even fertilization can do no harm in the summer. The fertilizer can be with a scattering evenly on the lawn spread. To avoid a eutrophication, you should inform yourself about the correct composition of the fertilizer and remain generally prefer a little below the recommended dosage instructions. A growth fertilizer is recommended in summer.

In the autumn

In the autumn months, it comes to winterize the garden.

lawn front garden design ideas lawn gravel Garden Road

Remove leaves

A regular leaf removal is compulsory programme in the autumn – otherwise it can rot under the mulch. Whether it uses a classic raking of leaves or a leaf VAC / leaf blowers, doesn’t matter.


A potassium-containing fertilizing of the lawn is recommended in winter. This does not promote the growth of the turf, but strengthens the fabric of the lawn. The grass is so now fit for the winter to worry little about him, little should enter it but also to prevent damage.

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