Lush Sustainable Gardens In Australia, Who Needs Just A Little Care

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sustainable garden in Australia many cacti

Lush sustainable gardens in Australia

This lush garden is located in blue mountains near Sydney Australia and has served as a test garden for the prize-winner of Arthur Lathouris for 15 years. The cool climate is typical for this area.  But still grow the beautiful and lush plants of this artist.

It’s a to a 315 square metre garden, surrounding the House of Arthur Lathouris and his family. This was divided into many smaller gardens. These are linked by worm and paved paths. Each small area has a peculiar, special character.

Modern metal sculptures form a fabulous contrast to the carefully trimmed hedges. Bran pots with Succulents decorate the sunny courtyard.

Brilliant spots with Geneva Bugle is located under blooming cherry trees

sustainable garden round boxwood shrubs

Lathouris has removed a few Radiatakiefer from the corners of his property, to provide the plant beds with more sunshine. The jaws were circumcised in bulky beamed. They were formerly a part of the House construction.

Now the Court in colors explode. It does this thanks to the mixture of Japanese maple (Acer palmatum ‘ dissectum Atropurpureum), Japanese boxwood (Buxus microphylla) and Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata) reached.

Rosemary, the wife of Lathouris has distributed colored stands in the garden around, to mark their dahlias bloom color changes

sustainable garden wrought iron chair and table

Small cars, which are covered with straw and pebbles, connect the small gardens.

Some black accents and others take up the accent color of the apartment

sustainable garden succulent purple

The shallow sandy soil posed a major challenge. The consequent addition of manure and compost has improved the ability of the Earth to stop the water.

Lathouris adds all green waste into compost and used no irrigation system. The garden maintains itself and is sustainable.

The rounded shapes are on hand to ensure that the garden appears to be less formal.

Lathouris strategically planted plants with different texture and different colors that bloom in different seasons

sustainable garden lilac bushes in purple and white

In the autumn the Japanese flowering cherry dominated with their orange colors

sustainable garden reddish leaves and boxwood

Several sculptures were divided in the entire garden

sustainable garden conifers and shrubs green

Most pieces have been elaborated in stainless steel. Some of the artists are Ian Swift, Norman organ, Mark Davis, and others.

The grass here leads the eye to the edges of the sculpture.

They found the pictured here, recycled scrap metal rings on a construction site in the vicinity

sustainable garden metal rings

They’re great hung on the porch next to the thriving Japanese tree.

Here you can see a bunch of iron ore. Something like that can be found on the ownership anywhere. That promotes the natural growth in the garden.

This concrete sculpture is located next to the plant of Eulalia, blue fescue

sustainable garden grasses and natural stone stack

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