Magnificent Garden Design – Your Personality In The Garden Design

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Find out how you design the best your personality in the garden

Successful garden design reflects the needs and the soul by the owners. Some of us are artists, plants, rocks, and even linen using a picture of himself, and by the way, how we see the world, to paint.

Many of us are collectors who like to show the treasures collected by us ultimately. Others are philosophers, which consider everything in depth and enjoy a Garden of solitude and reflection among us. Belong to the last type of people?

If so, then the following tips will assist particularly you.

Magnificent garden design

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No matter whether the style of the garden is contemporary, Asian, or rural, the principles and objectives are incredibly similar. Can it be that philosophers and aestheticians have the same needs, regardless of the personal background?

Sometimes, these gardens are paradoxal, very complex in design, but very similar in their appearance!

Want to we look at their design rules and creating a garden that meets the needs of a philosopher!

The form

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The philosopher very consciously perceive the forms and their impact on the human mind. The spheres for example symbolizes the perfection, the perfection and equality.

Notice how they are fitted in this contemporary garden with an interesting texture. Also see how their positioning provide an atmosphere of peace and introspection. If these all together would be positioned in a group under a thicket, you would have a completely different effect!

The philosophers love the independent release of form and their own meaning.

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This Asian garden has a completely different look than the previous. However, you will certainly notice that their message and the emotions which have caused, are closely related to the previous.

Obviously, the emphasis is on objects was located which are very similar. Both gardens speak for audacity, simplicity and peace.

Garden Designer have often had experience with people who want to first have an Asian garden. After a discussion, it turns out that they actually want a design that is simple, relaxed and provocative. A professionally designed garden can meet these conditions, no matter what style it is.


magnificent landscaping grass plants water plant pond

The philosophers put a high value on the balance in the garden design. So to remove the sense of cognitive dissonance and achieve a peaceful mood.

A typical asymmetric balance is obtained here. This more appeals to the philosophers as the formal symmetrical harmony. The asymmetric balance simply means that the Visual weight of the components must always be the same and not, that both sides must be equal. The asymmetric equilibrium seems more to inspire the thoughts, while the formal balance doing everything for you.

magnificent landscaping grass plants architecture


Each garden has a floor. Philosophers draw before a substrate that is simple, uniform and monochromatic, so that the plants will show their best appearance. Gravel, broken stones and sand are popular choices.

If you here would have opted instead for peat, the appearance would be completely different. The perceived value of the objects and the plants would be undermined and diminished.


magnificent landscaping grass plants roses fresh

The gardens of the philosophers include a few plants, if any. The philosophers large amount of flowers as a feast for the eyes actually see which conceals the real beauty of the garden. Instead, they would prefer the pure forms and leaves.

As if in a fairy tale, this sort of flower be

magnificent landscaping character character flowers extraordinary

But an appropriately positioned flowering bushes can also express the thinking. See how the self-reflection in a way promote the rose bushes with flowers in various stages (with the unfolding flower leaves and raindrops) in this image, that would be unattainable for a sea of petunias.


magnificent landscaping grass tree species

Sometimes plants with unique textures attract much more attention than about flowers. Here we see a wonderful example – Arctostaphylos manzanita. The tree bark shelling from and the subtle forms of Brown reassure us and consume the mind. Coniferous trees, Ahoren and monumental grass could also find their way into the garden of the philosophers because they show a unique shape and texture.


magnificent landscaping grass sculptures garden statue

The philosophers are attracted by the garden art that inspired to think through the repetition of shapes, colours and textures in various places.

One prefers unique sculptures such as this piece here before the multi-tiered formal fountain, trees from wine bottles and boldly colored contemporary art.

Art glass

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This is a different, very successful decision for a philosophical garden. Observe the remarkable quality of these pieces, which makes it possible that this light both reflect and also take it.

If you opt for garden art, you should be aware that falling branches and hail storms can cause significant damage.


magnificent landscaping grass planting ideas

The philosophers seek’s mostly to emphasize the natural elements which illustrate the contrasts and illustrate universal truths! Here, you can see a part of a Mediterranean garden. I’ve unearthed some book tree roots were grown over a very large boulders. That was part of my futile attempt to implement this plant in fertile soil. I’ve felt addressed by the sculptural vignette. I have decrypted a story of strength and conflict with any resolution and peaceful coexistence there. This is a lesson which I day more want to think, to understand them more accurately.


magnificent landscaping grass vintage rustic material

The philosophers love the simple, soulful sounds in the garden. This additional aspect is often overlooked. Bells, wind chimes, water facilities, ornamental glasses provide unique noises in the garden.


magnificent landscaping grass seat yellow leaves autumn

Every garden needs a seat. The philosophers carefully position the banks so that they can catch the light at a certain time of day. I have already installed a flat rock on one side of the waterfall.

What would you choose?

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