March Garden Calendar: Is What Gardening Next Month?

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garden calendar March planting gardening Earth

Vegetable garden calendar for March

There are months where it’s not so bad if you just not looked in the gardening calendar. But you would have to do so from March. The plant’s active growth begins now and it is very important that you wont best everything well so that you have a beautiful garden in the very warm season then.

Get out of the winter – purely in the spring!

garden calendar March gardening Schneeglöcke spring

So, we have decided to present this month from the garden calendar to you day by day. Although we want to do soon enough, so that you have time to prepare all the necessary garden tools and properly plan the necessary time for gardening.

Ahead of time to plan garden work

garden calendar March garden tools planting gardening

But today it isn’t actually about the pleasure for the eyes. It’s in our garden calendar in March the varieties, which you can enjoy fresh food.

What garden tools are need?

March garden tools gardening calendar gardening

March – the beginning of the active season in the garden calendar

Have you already provided in the autumn that smells in your garden in the spring after great flowers ? If Yes, then you will find certainly a delight during maintenance in March. So you will be able to enjoy the work here.

Plant flowers in the garden

garden calendar March spring flowers planting gardening

If not, then you look at summer pictures with the plants, which you now want to use. You will be surely also quite motivating. Actually today not only involves plants. Also lots of great vegetables can be planted. So, from your own garden, you can enjoy fresh salad .

What kinds of vegetables you want in your garden?

garden calendar March planting vegetable gardening spring

Fresh salad from the garden

garden calendar March vegetable planting salad onion gardening

Garden calendar for March for the different products

Planting of tomatoes begins from the beginning of March. This should be completed by the 20th. Carrots , you would have to plant until the end of the second week. Some early pepper seeds can now be used in the Earth.

Carrot plant

garden calendar March vegetables carrots planting gardening

Regularly water the small tomato plants

garden calendar March planting gardening tomato plant casting

Fresh tomatoes in your garden

garden calendar March vegetable tomato planting gardening

Still a number of bean plants can be used beginning March according to the garden calendar. These are the beans and green peas.

Bean seedlings

garden calendar March vegetables beans plants planting gardening

At the same time, it must go with the radish and the chives . Now, you could plant also garlic if you want to place it in your garden.


garden calendar March vegetables radishes planting gardening

Chives in spring

garden calendar March vegetables chive plants a gardening

The second half of the garden calendar for March

According to the garden calendar, you should plant the early varieties of Zucchini, melons and red cabbage in the second half of March. This still applies to the parsnip.

Your goal is to have a bountiful harvest

garden calendar March planting vegetable gardening

At this time must make special care for a variety of vegetables, which long have been out there. It is for example the green garden salad. Kohl also belongs to this group. You can plant now also the potatoes .

Potatoes are planted in March

garden calendar March vegetables potatoes planting gardening

Care work, which you should do according to the garden calendar

In March, it would be high time to remove the dry leaves of the strawberry one approaches. Black currants and raspberry bushes are cut. All core fruit trees must also be planted until the end of March. The care with special means of fertilization should also already have done at this time.

Fertilize young plants

garden calendar March vegetable planting gardening fertilizer


garden calendar March vegetable planting gardening fertilizers

And the flowers

Let’s but at this point, although it comes to vegetable gardening calendar, say some words about the flowers. The seeds of most year plants are inserted into the ground. The bulbs should be planted also. To do that also with the young and tender pink roots.

Flower bulbs for planting

flower planting gardening Blumenzweibeln

Enjoy the beauty of spring flowers

garden calendar March gardening flowers tulips

You should maintain the old plants with fertilization means.

Diligently fertilize the old plants and the Earth

garden calendar March planting gardening garden preparing

Plant a new garden flowers

garden calendar March planting garden preparing gardening

Care for the young plants

garden calendar March planting gardening

Make a list of the seeds, you need

garden calendar March planting seeds gardening

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