Mediterranean Garden Design – 45 Mediterranean Garden Ideas And Garden Furniture

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pond Mediterranean style flowers plants

The amazing story of the Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean coast proves to the area where the most evolved civilization processes, faith in God, and civilizations. The warm sea, which accumulate three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia at one point was the natural way for inter-ethnic and intercultural communication.Today, it combines the term “Mediterranean” with long periods in the life of mankind, in particular with the unusual lifestyle of the peoples who have inhabited this coastal. It comes to the Mediterranean cuisine, Mediterranean music, Mediterranean decor, Mediterranean garden design…

Mediterranean garden design

plants garden landscape Mediterranean weather

The Mediterranean-style gardens are designed according to the peculiarities of the climate and the local landscape. The Mediterranean coast is located in the subtropical region, where the summer hot and dry and the winter is soft and rainy. The so-called Mediterranean vegetation – cypresses and pines, drought resistant olives, groves and especially aromatic grasses and flowering bushes thrives on the mountain slopes. It has used these plants as well as the natural rock formations and caves plan for private and public landscaping. From history we know that recovers the Greeks in this garden and lazes have. You wanted to make shady corners, therefore there are pergolas and arbours to find the most. The garden paths and the garden alleys are laid with cobblestones and garden ornaments and statues of mythological people are around to see.

The Romans developed the Mediterranean garden art, so that there is proper splendor in these gardens. Today’s Mediterranean garden design is a blend of the beauty and the comfort of all peoples who live here today, and its predecessors.

Welcome to the spring atmosphere in the garden

garden art Mediterranean design bench bushes shaped

This garden style home with nature through the porch or an open space without walls is usually connected. The garden furniture set should necessarily work with the entire style – tables and chairs made of wood, flooring from wood or stone slabs, grown scarce decoration and many plants in clay vessels. By the way the clay pots are a must for the Mediterranean garden design…

One should not neglect the water plants in the garden. He should be attractively designed and create a sense of infinite size.

Evergreen trees and shrubs underline the Mediterranean garden, such as cypresses, many Juniper plants with silver leaves, roses, clematis, oleander, grape vines. The lavender looks striking thanks to its purple flowers and lets the imagination run free.

Here you could grow even fruits and vegetables. But here you should skillfully combine the beautiful with the useful. In such a garden, beautiful flowers, herbs and spices in concrete or stone frames are placed and decorated with cheerful garden figurines and ceramic toys.

The typical colours of the Mediterranean garden design

wood front door Grün Blau typical colors of Mediterranean design

Variety of flowers and plants types of flowers colorful different Flagstone garden path Mediterranean

Exotic touch in the subtropical garden

flowers landscape exotic Palm trees Mediterranean staircase

The symbolic ornaments and vessels to the show

ground Mediterranean Palm trees, exotic garden design

Seating outdoors – built-in fireplace

fire garden outdoor Mediterranean style Chair wood

Ornament-rich metal garden furniture

Mediterranean landscaping idea bushes trees

Gloss and colors fall into the eye

garden idea colorful flowers clay vessels design

Large swimming pool reminiscent of the endless sea

water pond garden waterfall stone of course plants

Gorgeous and of course decorative privacy

garden fence green privacy flowers stained

Yellow and orange blossoms have a Merry on visitors

loving art garden landscape design Mediterranean

Stone, metal and wood are combined and meaningful for every Mediterranean garden

purple flowers bushes stair stones metal lamps garden Mediterranean

Factual seating area here consists of a garden bench and a small table

Mediterranean garden design garden furniture set stone slabs

Weather resistant plants in the Mediterranean garden look but very original and exotic

Mediterranean landscaping bushes of citrus plants

The ancient clay vessels

ton vessels Gartendeko Mediterranean garden design

Large garden with gravel laid

Mediterranean landscaping front yard gravel sound plants

Stone slabs and orange-painted stone frames – another element of Mediterranean

Mediterranean garden design water plants concrete frame

Drought resistant plant species

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants

Elegant, opulent garden

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought fixed

Blue, interesting floor tiles around the water unit

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought Festival Evergreen

Ancient, but peculiar views

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought fixed lianas

Stackable terraces – typical of the Mediterranean coast

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought fixed sea

Decorative garden columns

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought fixed Pergola

Regular care and maintenance ensure the beautiful garden atmosphere

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought solid stone slabs

Planters and flower pots of various sizes and shapes

Mediterranean garden design water plants plants drought fixed

The built-in pool shows eclectically decorated floor here

water systems sound Mediterranean landscaping plants construction

Waterfall and shower at the same time

Mediterranean landscaping waterfall Pebble original

Rural façade with cheerful appearance

fence doors Mediterranean garden wood blue chairs metal

Lavender – the Mediterranean plant

Mediterranean garden drought Festival species stones Lavender

Lush green

Mediterranean garden art design plants typical

Orange tree before the unique facade

Mediterranean orange tree Spain outdoor

Flash, bright colors from the Sun is reflected

Pergola gazebo wood Mediterranean style garden design

Combi nation of lighter and darker red flowers

beautiful garden ornaments set furniture clay flower red

Correct garden art

Simrishamn Gartengestaltung Mediterranean garden art

Limited open space

summer house Crete Mediterranean garden

Enjoy the sunset

sunset tree thickets chairs fireplace Mediterranean

Massive privacy of stones

stone privacy furniture set seat e relax

Artfully cut and shaped bushes

subtropical weather region Mediterranean garden figures

Bold, saturated images

succulent garden Sun weatherproof Evergreen Mediterranean

Traditional flower pots and flower pots out of clay

ton vessels plants Olive Garden Mediterranean style

Clay pots from decorating the staircase

potted a red flowers Mediterranean staircase plants drought fixed

An example of elegant and trendy decorated front yard

front yard design stone plates Mediterranean flower pot

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