Modern Terrace Design – Make The Decisive Step To Outside

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Make a modern terrace

Want to create a seamless transition from the Interior into the exterior? This can work beautifully just based on some simple methods. First, you need a glass door, which contributes to the review between the two areas.

Beyond this door should be often as possible wide open so permeate the fresh air and the entire atmosphere of the exterior to the Interior.

These are the great and important elements and now we come to the details. Because the sense of unity between the two areas and the openness to each other also depends on many “little things”.

We need to consider above all the wall and their corners and edges. Now, let us concentrate on the upper part. We analyze these with regard to the question: How do we create a seamless transition to create a living connection between the two.

The first consideration would be how you positioned the heights in indoor and outdoor areas to each other

modern TerrassModerne terrace design wooden garden furniture

These should be actually equal. While this is no easy task, as is perhaps one thinks.

Because you have things like water, snow and keep so far. Otherwise, they could invade home and cause damage.

A deep and well worked-out overhang can contribute very much. That works beautifully if the exterior above the ground is raised.

The outdoor area is located with the Interior at the same level

modern terrace design wooden garden furniture idea diversity

If the exterior is with the inside at the same level and the General design prevents not the overhang in full length, you can insert a strip between the two areas.

A gravel bed with a drainage channel including is a very sophisticated method for protection against the harmful effects of water on the structure of the building.

You should continue to ensure the terrace has at least 1 or 2 cm large, easy slope

modern terrace design wooden garden furniture dining room dining table chairs

This should be definitely not right next to the building.

Sometimes the threshold must be greater, and this both in length and in width. Mostly this is due to building regulations.

Take sliding into each other glasses as an example. These were mostly designed to show a great toughness.

This will make a big difference for the benefit of the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor

modern terrace design wood garden furniture stair railing

Also the threshold at the door and concrete whose style and art play a large role in how seamlessly the transition between the two areas is carried out.

Actually it would be best if there were no threshold at all, or if the material of the Interior into the exterior will be transferred. In my opinion the perfect solution exists on the market already, and while talking about the lift and slide door.

This type of doors shows also a slot at the bottom for the hardware and ensures minimum disruption during the transition between the two areas in every respect.

In many cases, and particularly in traditional houses or apartments in areas with harsh weather conditions, seems to be impossible to make the transition between the indoor and outdoor seamless.

But one can really reduce this threshold to the minimum and in this respect the most flat owners can do something

modern terrace design wooden garden furniture bedroom double bed

Hopefully, today’s article in this regard has helped you.

modern terrace design wood flooring minimalist style

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