Multicoloured Flowers: A Rhododendron Garden Equip

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Rhododendron garden Rhododentron garden design plant

Lush blooming rhododendrons are a real dream for gardening enthusiasts! In many public facilities such as city parks and landscaped gardens, the magnificent plants of the family of Ericaceae unfold their flowers in various shades. Rhododendrons are considered durable, but relatively sophisticated. So you create your own Rhododendron garden.

Colours: what BL ü tent ö ne harmony?

First you sure notice the many different flower colours of rhododendrons in the eye. This variety of colors makes it necessary to develop a solid color scheme, which is really nice in your own backyard before you buy. You can choose between several shades of blue and violet as well as access to yellow, pink, Orange, red, or white rhododendron.

Some of these shades blend well with each other, such as for example pink and orange. Others make wonderful color harmonies and strong contrasts, which are wonderful in the garden. Confined to a limited but balanced colour range and use regular white flowering plants as a kind of in many different shades» color buffer “between them.

Keep in mind that blossom varieties at different times, so that you can enjoy a lush blossoms by skillful mixing of plants from early spring until deep into the summer.

Rhododendron garden Rhododendron garden design

From small to huge: the rhododendron is 20-500 cm

Another important selection criterion makes the plant height without question. Midgets rhododendrons with up to 20 metres final height are more suitable for the flower pot as for the bed, giant plants take up to 5 m, however, very much space. Of course is Alternatively, specifically to combine various plants for example in ascending or descending order.

The correct location f ü r the sophisticated plants w ä Choose

Who would like to create a long lasting, gorgeous thriving Rhododendron garden, should choose the location of the plants wisely. The Moor bedding plant with a natural taste for forested areas want to be not too wet, a good free draining soil ensures that rainwater can drain quickly.

Loose Earth with an acidic pH of around 4.2 to 5.5 provides the best basis for a healthy growth of individual plants. Your garden but has a strong clay – and clayey soil, we recommend to look, which can handle up to a nearly neutral pH to 6.5 lime-tolerant rhododendron species.

Rhododendrons like not too much sunlight or permanent shadow, a place in partial shade, perhaps under trees, offers it for the Evergreen plants.

Rhododendron garden plants Gartengestatung

Rhododendron plant and maintain

Dig a planting hole as possible for your rhododendron to avoid damage of the fine root network at the insertion into the Earth. Special soil of rhododendron, mixed with peat litter, provides the best basis to take root quickly and to unfold the freshly planted plants.

Fertilize the pH-sensitive plants never compost, but only with special fertiliser for rhododendrons. Otherwise, the soil is too alkaline and the rhododendron takes damage. Remove the parts of the withered plants regularly, then the rhododendron is his strength in the formation of buds and in the form of seeds. Following on the flower, a pruning of plants is recommended tree rhododendrons are exposed here in the lower section and develop as your beauty as magnificent tree-individual plants with real eye catching effect. Information about the correct plants pruning will find you in the garden journal.

Applying a new layer of mulch at the foot of plants every year or alternatively plant ground cover under your rhododendrons. Take the opportunity to extend the flowering period in your freshly Rhododendron garden by using ground cover plants that bloom in late summer and autumn.

Rhododendron garden landscape flowers pink Gartengestaltung


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