Native Plants For Your Garden

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How to find the right native plants for your garden

We can say definitely that the interest for the species of native plants among the gardeners is increasing every day. The same can be used for landscape designers and nurseries watch.

The advantages of choosing native plants are very many. The wildlife spreads much more intense. For example, it supports the presence of pollinating insects, which feed on the birds. The species of native plants support also the drainage and cleaning, as well as the fertility of the soil.

Why do the native varieties well your garden

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The native plants cope very well with the climate on the ground. It’s even better when the seeds of also native origin are. You should not neglect this aspect and inform themselves well about it. The plants represent a strong connection to the surrounding atmosphere and deepen our knowledge of the local conditions.

In the following I will list some sources, which can be a guide for you, looking for suitable native plants in your region.

1. nurseries, experimental fields by universities, countryside markets

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Probably the nursery will be the first place where you are are looking for seeds. When you shop locally, you will contribute to the development of business on the spot. If you’re lucky, these operations bypass also consciously and responsibly with the local cultural heritage.

Some universities, which focus on the development of agriculture, often also have areas where students can gain practical experience with the plants. There, you will surely get themselves rich and useful information in addition to the plants.

2. the Sherry company

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It’s a non profit discussion group, which works to support the invertebrate creatures and offspring of wild life on the whole. It has produced an online map, which you can click. When you press on your region, you will get to see a list of the native plants in your region. Continue to see many instructions for how you can keep these plants.

3. Pollinator Partnership

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It is the main sponsor of the annual thematic fair of national Pollinator week. Through this organization, you have the possibility to enter your ZIP code and the information document to print a PDF, which you can then use in your practice.

The figure here shows the Pulsatilla (Pasque), which from the U S A and concrete from the region comes from Washington. It is widespread South of Nebraska to the region of the Rocky Mountains.

4. biota of North America program

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Normally, the advanced gardener met in the Latin names of plants. The program is very beneficial for this target group, because hereby you can search many different names.

5. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center offers detailed information information about the native plants in North America

native plants In the garden field flora wild nature

This is also a great example of a centre that supports the planting of native species. If you time travel to Texas, you must visit this.

6 Missouri Botanical Garden

native plants garden design and landscaping Botanical Garden

Here, it has developed its own search system. This makes it possible to the suitable conditions for growing of plants determine search.

7. the website of native plant species

native plants garden landscaping species

In almost all regions, there are Web sites and different types of guides which give you information about the various native plants .

How well you are versed in the native species in your region?

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