Natural Stones In The Garden – The Material Proves To Be A Real Trendsetter

Not only the elegant appearance of natural stones in the garden but also its resistance to weathering makes it a popular material. There are in fact barely another material that could compete with him in the outdoor area. Specifically, various types of stone can be used for use in the garden. So hard like gneiss, granite or quartzite as harder stones tend to cobble or natural stone tilesare suitable, as the softer stone such as marble and sandstone are processed to attractive decoration elements like. The diversity is already large and is still an extension logically by the processing. Versatile and robust, but also incredibly beautiful, and subject to any fashion era, the stone right treasures that available to anyone, even your backyard well to face conceals. The fashion comes and goes, but natural stones are among the things, outlast the trends, because they are able to set your own trends. Natural stone in impressive fashion, to create optical design highlights succeed independently by the respective environment.

natural stone of garden design staircase natural stone plates

Rough broken or would rather treat?

The made best of the popularity and the cost form is left untreated natural stone or rough broken to use. The broken option is often used as a plaster or stone walls, because with a smooth surface of the rain it could create, to allow a dangerous slip on the rocks.

The stone should not be but also to rough, because he absorbs too much dirt and you have a high amount of cleaning due to the structure. Smooth Polish is a type of editing that lends itself more to the decoration. This is in the manufacture of garden seating furniture from natural stone so. By grinding again, reaching a smooth, but then also matte surface. Also go to the finishing of hard natural stones and again the so-called flame in the game. The heat treatment, you get a slightly uneven surface.

natural stone landscaping landscaping garden path well

You can build stairs and walls – on the longevity of natural stone

Natural stone help often on difficult terrain as it is the case with a steeply sloping garden. So, you can create supportive stone walls, which are very stable and are able to defy the movements of the slope. Send, gently put natural stone block to make room for flowers or herbs and no question, also optical is a feast for the eyes this newly created area. To prove that natural stones in the garden ideal can link decoration and practical use, fireplaces and seating but also fountains, pools and even garden sheds. Stone furniture are durable, withstand all weather conditions and can stand out there an eternity without losing any of its functionality. Also natural stones in the aging are more beautiful, the longer they remain in the garden. Because the patina and traces of use does not disturb, even desirable. The various stones are available in different colours, so that even more design possibilities. Mosaic pattern of several colors or fancy ornaments, can be a very individual touch the terrace with stone.

natural stone of garden design garden furniture stone table dining table chairs garden landscape

Water and stone in the attractive interaction

Water and stone can also produce an interesting link. Natural stones are perfect especially at the pond. You can create a great look with gravel edges all around, but you can build even a small fountain. Stone troughs can be used for all possible, often you can see plants such as IRIS and lily pads in it. The pleasant murmur of water already contributes to the peace and relaxation in the garden and in addition, fountains such as ponds set optical eye-catchers.

natural stone garden design garden pond itself creating a garden landscape

The specialist in planning to take in the boat

If you are planning your garden design and set in stone, you should take a skilled in the boat. The consultant of BioTopic GmbH available with their experience like for you to discuss appropriate solutions with you, which are for your garden. Of course while your are integrated ideas. On request different custom made also of the range that are maybe compatible in form as well as in color even better with your wishes.

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