Nice Balcony Plant For The Cold Season

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pretty balcony plants for the cold season pumpkins

Nice balcony plant for the fall

It is time to think about the replanting of the window boxes for the cold season slowly. Whether the different Heather species, perennial grasses, Skimmie, Ivy, silver leaf or Evergreen lifting – now the selection in the nurseries and garden centers is greatest.

Which plants are ready for winter?

varieties of summer Heath flower pot pretty balcony plants for the fall

Among the flowering plants, the Heath species, such as the Heather, are best suited to a winter planting. To keep their flowers and colours, even with snow and permafrost. The Calluna “Garden girls”, which exists in various shades of red and white is recommended. Evergreen lifting plants are robust. Here you can see Select down and spherical or slightly higher and upright.

Some types of Heath for the balcony

garden autumn balcony plants flower pots species Hardy

Silvery tones bring barbed wire plant and silver leaf in the planting

silver leaf silvery tones nice balcony plant for the cold season

The Skimmie, which is available as fruit and flowering plant, is also suitable for winter balcony plantings. Ivy and perennial grasses are more plants for window boxes and pots.

The Skimmie for winter planting

pretty balcony plants for the cold season Skimmie

Which plants are suitable for the balcony?

balcony plants for the cold season species

Basically are all Hardy plants for the balcony. Therefore it is left, the personal taste and style which is planted. However care should be taken when the plant boxes for the balcony on sturdy plants. These boxes are usually attached to the balcony parapet and so wind and cold, particularly exposed in contrast to planted pots protected can be. Heath types, barbed wire plant, lifting and ivy are suitable particularly well here. Loosen up can the planting of branches of Farooqi and silk pine, which are connected between them.

Variety of Hardy plants on the balcony

pretty balcony plants for the cold season

When and how plant?

The plants should, depending on the region, beginning to end October in fresh and good potting soil are planted so that they can still root. It can be planted relatively close, as the plants grow longer or barely. At the same time they protect each other on the basis of cold and frost. All planting boxes with the drain are suitable, because in the cold season must be poured on frost-free days.

Colorful, fresh autumn flowers

autumn flowers pretty balcony plants for the autumn cold season
Autumn decorating the balcony with purple Heather

Heather purple color species balcony design a series of autumn plants

balcony plants for cold season autumn decoration

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