Open Gazebo Creates Beautiful Recreation Area In The Garden

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open gazebo wooden garden idea recovery

A nice collection of plants surrounds this traditional gazebo

Open areas of a gazebo provide a good place to associate plants in window boxes.
The placement of the entrance and the furniture follow the inside of the gazebo to other plant beds.
A gazebo can also help to define a farm boundary, especially when the back of the gazebo is aligned to a fence.
The most gazebos have defined entry point, which enables natural (and applicable) placement of furniture.
If the lighting in the gazebo is not required, the nearby landscape lights provide security and atmosphere.
Fabric covered this simply designed open gazebo

open gazebo wooden garden idea curtains

The curtains in the gazebo offer a solution to protect the Sun and the views.
The stone plates lead to the input of the gazebo.
The open garden arbors provide a good point to associate hanging flower baskets.
Gazebos can have built-in elements, but a totally open floor plan offers more flexibility in the arrangement of the furniture.
If you make a gazebo, pay attention to the small details. This includes extra decoration like a roughly made Cap piece on the roof.

An enclosed terrace offers Designinspiration

open gazebo wooden garden idea blossoms

Use a gazebo as a natural extension of your deck.
Pages of a gazebo can be left open or screened. the latter will probably lengthen your time there.
Create consistency between the House and the terrace by using repeated details and materials. Here, the rail design and wood stain from the House of the gazebo are opened up.
Lines and curves in the surrounding flowerbeds give back on the gazebo.
The position of this gazebo under several tall trees offers natural shade.

A common material is transformed into a facelift in this great gazebo.

open gazebo wooden garden idea grid

Grid is a material often used in outdoor structures, but here it has unusual purpose: it fills the space between the columns of the gazebo.
The paths to the gazebo around encourage to hike in and behind the tree.
Decide to plant the landscape of the lawn and in front of the gazebo; Here, great flower beds show interesting colours and leaves.
Small garden arbours fit neatly into larger garden beds.
Outdoor furniture as well as a concrete base allow easy maintenance.

A classic farmhouse is reincarnated as a gazebo

open gazebo wooden garden idea second life

With some modifications, a small outbuilding can be used also as a gazebo for a new purpose. Here, a previous corn store Gets a new life.

Level laid the stone slabs make a nice pattern under the feet.
Purple flower boxes at every ‘window’ offer a sweet color accent.
Charming details add character to a gazebo, as the metallic ‘shadow’ over the window and the winged sculpture over the door.
The wood a good material for the construction of the gazebo is used, but the wire frame and the metal roof require minimal maintenance.

Beautiful recreation area – Bank with soft padding covered, striped throw pillow and Flash colors

open gazebo wooden garden blue skyopen gazebo wood garden outdoor many and different flower pots in the Garden Houseopen gazebo wood garden idea light yellowopen gazebo wooden garden landscape

Spring freshness and coziness in the gazebo

open gazebo wooden Garden Roses bed

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