Oregano Crops And Correct Care: How To…

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oregano crops fresh oregano dry and cooking

Cultivate oregano at home and this spice harvest

Do you like Italian food? If Yes, then you know well, how important is oregano for the preparation of many dishes. Maintain and harvest but this spice at home!

Oregano harvest and use as fresh or dried spice

oregano crops fresh oregano plants and cooking

Oregano in your own herb garden

oregano crops herb garden balcony oregano

The benefits of oregano

The advantages of the oregano care are to assess not only in terms of taste. You bring many benefits even with their presence. Has been proven that the use of this spice is healthy.  First of all, on the specific essential oil, which contains an there is. There is therefore also the so pleasant and specific smell.

How healthy is the oregano?

oregano crops fresh oregano plants leaves

Oregano has a very soothing effect on the stomach-intestinal system and the bronchus. The substances contained in the oregano promote greatly the immune system. It is so in light of all these facts not a miracle that the oregano care is possible? The oregano-are very beautiful flowers and from aesthetic recitals alone worth the effort also, home to breed this spice.

Oregano seeds look like

harvests oregano oregano seeds herb garden balcony

Oregano plant and properly maintain

oregano oregano seeds and leaves harvests

The herb in a simple flower pot plant

oregano crops Mexikkanischer oregano plants

Are you familiar with the beneficial effects of oregano?

oregano crops Mexikkanischer oregano plants and cooking

The oregano requires plenty of Sun care

The oregano requires care very much sun. That’s why the plant in a bright place need to go. Also you should plant no later than the end of February or beginning of March them. Insert Earth and sand in the pot. On the ground, you should leave some pebbles. Then cover this with a little earth. The whole thing must be up to the middle of the flower pot.

Oregano and other herbs in the kitchen garden

oregano crops herb garden balcony herb garden

Pour now abundantly with water. Make sure that you insert the not too much sand. If you were to do this, the seeds just would have grown slower much. The right amount would be Earth sand 40% to 60%. When cold outside is, then rush it to bring out the plants on the balcony. You are very sensitive to low temperatures.

Oregano oil

oregano harvests oregano oil and fresh leaves


If many seeds have broken through the Earth, you should plant the oregano to in May and June. As the plant spreads best.

Oregano is planted in May and June to

oregano harvests oregano plants on the balcony

Prepare pesto from fresh oregano

oregano crops fresh oregano pesto cooking

Oregano dry and store

oregano crops herb garden balcony oregano dry

The right care for your herbs

oregano crops herb garden balcony maintain

What plants should not be missing in your kitchen garden

oregano crops herb garden balcony plants

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