Original Garden Decor For The Summer

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

garden design garden wagon vintage flower pots

Need some fresh ideas for your garden decor?

Even with a short walk through the allotments close can get fresh ideas for your garden decor. There is almost nothing that does not exist. You have implemented also itself quite a bit or thought out. Today, we have some creative decorating ideas for your garden in the summer. In this warm, relaxed season, almost all colors and forms is allowed. The Sun flows through everything around you and gives a beautiful, almost magical atmosphere of the surroundings.

Let’s start with the planters. They are definitely not just for the Interior. Impressive flower pots, especially ones that you can make, are a valuable addition to your garden decor. Here you have the choice between conventional planters, which you can find on the market and those that you can create. In the second case the Upcycling issue very often. Used items of any kind are just perfect for your Gartendeko. From old shoes, cans, tubs, wheelbarrows, coffee cups and many other items you can make original flower pots with very little effort.

Mobile flower pot from old wheelbarrow

old wheelbarrow mini garden garden design

Do not discard your used shoes!

landscaping old shoes shoe stand flower pots

The old bike has not served out also still long

landscaping old bicycle flower pots

The head part of your old iron bed is a romantic garden decoration

landscaping old metal headboard

Succulents are going to love your DIY planter

landscaping succulent wheelbarrow

On larger projects, you want? How about your old car is not really would away?

Think globally and act locally!

garden design VW Beetle plant flowers

For an ultimate vintage look in the garden or on the terrace, you can paint an old metal table or even a sewing machine in a colour of your choice. In this way you will have additional storage space and at the same time introduce a chic decorative detail in your outdoor area.

Combine with wicker furniture and metal lanterns

garden design of metal table painting

Garden furniture is an another, very important element of the garden decor. Besides their practical function, the furniture play an aesthetic role. Try by unconventional pieces of furniture to make original eye-catchers.

Tree branches and natural wood in general are very popular and popular

garden design garden furniture DIY natural wood roots

Other possible catcher are down here in this garden statue or fountain. With the same success, you can make also a garden pond or put here and there funny decorative figures. The usual garden ornaments are frogs, turtles, birds, and dwarves. You can but go to your preferences and create your own special garden decor.

Make individual thematic areas in your garden

garden design ornamental fountain ornaments statue

If you have only a small garden or even only a terrace, then to a mini version comes in handy for you would be. Quite close together, put different plants and flowers in planters. The result is a magnificent oasis of plants that you will enjoy every day.

Decorate with stones in various shapes

mini garden gardening terrace

Colors play a crucial role when it comes to garden decoration. A few splashes of color here and there can make a big difference. Paint your garden furniture with fresh colours or create colorful textiles such as cushion or carpets on the terrace and the garden furniture, to introduce more joy and cheerful mood in the outdoor furnishings.

Colorful stripe or chevron patterns provide more dynamic in your exterior

garden design Council to chair coffee table Chevron pattern carpet

A successful combination of colors for the garden

garden design bench colorful painting

Quaint and rustic with wooden barrels and round Fireplace stone

landscaping stones round fire pit old wine barrel

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