Original Privacy In The Garden – Comfortable Sitting Area Outdoors

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original privacy In the garden landscape living outside

Comfortable confidential seating area in the garden

In almost any design book you will find the term “Garden room”.  The designers look at the garden as an extension of the House – as a stage for living. And like in a House, the walls are the bases that determine the garden room.

Designer view the wall is a vertical structure, which is about 1 meter high. You can make walls, grow or they meet in the middle with the fastening of climbing plants to a Wattle. With so many options and applications of the walls, it is ready to try out different versions without taking into account the practical considerations.

Consider the look – an original privacy in the garden

original privacy In the garden of Landschafz solid wood

You should make a logical communication between the walls and the style of the House, its furnishings and the remaining garden elements. For example, the fence of logs to the specified style does not fit.

The walls, which are only for aesthetic reasons since, need nevertheless fit to the rest of the garden, no matter how eclectic the garden.

Consider the practicality. It is important that the materials, size, location, stability and sustainability of the walls, hedges or fences for their intended purpose are suitable.  For your safety, it is sometimes required to ensure a masonry or a high iron fence. You get the stealth with intelligent solutions over the fence, so that curious looking eyes are avoided. Space grid demand a certain mass of good commercial strategy brings ground to withstand the gravitational force.

Secure the borders

original privacy In the garden landscape water system seating

The most suitable place for the garden wall and the fence is along the border of the property. In a series of similar houses at the same site, usually simple wooden fences due to their simplicity are preferred. This solution is for the contractors in order, but she has little aesthetic value.

Another advantage of the masonry walls is their strength and tightness so that you can reduce any sound wave.

The simple wooden structure is actually not bad at all, especially for homeowners with loose style garden

original privacy In the garden landscape wood panels trees

If you simply horizontally arranges the wooden boards, he changes from the banal on the unexpected look more at no cost. You get a sense of playful with a Blackboard for children (or adults who want to have fun).

The colours of the space

original privacy In the garden landscape lighting plants

Because the walls are a dominant item in the garden, that is there all year long, they can be included in the color scheme of the free space. This must be of course their long-term maintenance in mind. This wall in warm shade in the Southwestern style is ideally suited to the floral coloring of the Golden sheaf of focus (Achillea sp), and the goal is in line with the cold shade which catnip (Nepeta sp) and Scabiosa, Pincushion flower (Scabiosa SP.)

Easily you can get a contemporary look with the replacement of wooden boards with corrugated iron panels

original privacy In the garden landscape metal garden fencingDie rhythmically undulating surface complements the vertical plants such as Reed (Thamnochortus insignis) delicate in a simple, stylish corner of the Court.

Note: The building code could determine limitations on the height of walls and fences. Consult first, before you decide to do this.

Create a new private room

original privacy In the garden landscape sunscreen rattan furniture

If you already have a not subject wood fence, whose changing would be too expensive, you can disguise it with green plants. The foliage has a vitality that you cannot reach with built walls. And when one completes the picture with flowers, fragrance, and passing birds, it is clear why the designers often take this horticultural solution.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages. Some plants don’t thrive, sometimes only for a few months. The long-term success with the plants in your private space depends on your horticultural skills. To do this, you should can have no pets and treat the diseases of plants. You should also know, that you should take the time to cut off the new shoots and the hedge.

Grow quiet

original privacy In the garden landscape green flowers red

The fine breeze is welcome on a warm day, but strong winds can make reading the newspaper on the porch table impossible. No matter built prior to the construction of a Windbreak, or cultivated, you should first understand the dynamics of the air movement.

If the wind caused turbulence on your porch, your efforts only for a short distance were effective. You must seek a better strategy to block the wind gradually through construction of elements. On the windward side of the garden to grow tall plants that are supported by shoulder high plants and then head high. At the end there comes a higher wall or fence, if necessary. This causes a laminar flow and thus have a more quiet area, where you can enjoy your garden.

If you have not enough space for the upper solution, a diagonal Board would improve efficiency of the fence along the wind protection. Another strategy is not to block the wind, but filter to let that you achieve with grown shrubs or climbers, who let the air.

Share your space

original privacy In the garden landscape lattice wood fencing paved

Whether your garden is small or large, its Division into smaller parts – each with own limits and individuality – makes him look bigger. A simple solution is a separation to establish which plays a separate room and serves as a gateway. In the garden on the screen, the open wooden Grille serves as the background for a dominant focus.

Imagine this seating area in the middle of a meadow

original privacy In the garden landscape living outside

She would call them definitely not convenient. If she surrounded by vines and is located in a rich bed of green, it is an intimate space where you can entertain themselves for hours and relax.

Note: For a private room, where you can eat undisturbed or read, you need nothing more than a 1.5 metre high hedge or wall. At higher altitudes you could feel may be claustrophobic. So you can create easily cut.

Should your garden look like theatrical?

original privacy In the garden landscape lighting bench fire pit

No problem! During the day, this garden has a fresh, architectural individuality. But at night, this patio is a magical space. Sand-blasted glass scattered the light, reminding the magic of twilight at the sunset.

Enhance the WOW effect

original privacy In the garden landscape pool Orange wall modern

The wall itself can play the star adorned with bold colors made from innovative materials or set up as a gallery for works of art.

The focus in this contemporary tropical landscape is the orange wall with red bougainvillea.

original privacy In the garden landscape wooden fence colourful plates If we look at the walls as art, we should not forget the coatings opportunities

This eclectic silly lattice is made from recycled boards. Check whether there are such materials in your garden and use your imagination.

Make the hedge of your plot of land as an art gallery by the wonders of the vertical garden construction

original privacy In the garden landscape of vertical wall window

The range of DIY wall plant containers is rich. There are hydroponic systems with integrated irrigation systems or bags and they consist of honeycombs, filled with flower soil mix. The modular plants are succulent, exotic orchids, bromeliads, grasses, Moss, plants and herbs.

Fasten the slope

original privacy In the garden landscape lawn edges stone

The leaning plots offer the challenge to win enough attachable flat surface to make practical the outdoor life. Because the wall are quite striking and often massive, adjust to fit the submitted materials to the remaining elements.

Walls made of natural stone or river stone are a logical addition to a veranda, constructed from stone tiles. The higher walls, need building permits and construction plans, often built blocks of concrete, not the most preferred material for your patio. However, the look can be improved with stone, brick or tiles or with a lining of colored or textured stucco or plaster.

The retaining walls are a great way to show off your horticultural skills

original privacy In the garden landscape grass plants stone

Since plants can be grown, which would otherwise go unnoticed. Rosemary, Bluebell, Stonecrop and roses are quite suitable.

The slopes are difficult to grow. Often, the floor is not enough deep for the root growth. Consult with local experts and improve the soil. Ensure a good drainage behind the wall with gravel-pore, wrapped in fabric filters, and deep holes for the drain of excess water from the root zone. Rely on native plants, which are already adapted to local conditions.

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