Out Of The Wilderness Home: Elements Of Exciting Landscapes

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off the wilderness home plants growing purple feel the aroma flowers

Out of the wilderness home: Elements of exciting landscapes

The experience of nature can give us many lessons in the design of the garden. In nature, there are so many beauties, which you must provide with additional water or fertilizers at all, as these are still fabulously beautiful. This is true for the green meadows, for the leaves with yellow-brown and orange shades in autumn and the boulders, washing off of small and large rivers.

How do you feel at the sight of large trees, such as about Maple or carpets made of rabbit bells? This simplicity and freshness can be transferred in your garden.

The nature is wild and spontaneous. But whose landscapes were models for the beautiful and successfully designed gardens of every rank.

In recent years, leading designers have shown the idea of regional design in the field of gardening. Today, we would like to discuss the main principles of this design with you.


off the wilderness home walk trees decoration

The restraint and the simple design of the things ensures an open and mystical atmosphere even in the most intricate landscaping.

off the wilderness home walk fountain vase

The trees and shrubs of the trees creating a mystic atmosphere and make one wonder what hides behind it. The simple layout promotes harmony and not work against them. In the illustration here, we see a meaningful and at the same time simple design. The children can connect their time freely. There are no complex and expensive planting, for example could destroy.

Through the shadow and the natural backdrop of trees, the garden looks really inviting. If you live climate in a four season, you might find the trees, which seem especially interesting over the winter. You will provide to displace the gloomy mood this season.

The bushes can provide for the dense covering of Earth.

Once designed and built, this garden almost without human interference can continue to evolve

off the wilderness home large stone courtyard garden design

Each individual plant in this landscape makes a big impression in a simple and subtle way. The impressive contractions of the Evergreen plants also contribute to the minimization of the demand of human interference.

The children can run free there or ride a bicycle. The damages are small and easy to conceal

off the wilderness home garden design walk of course

Represents a pure pleasure running between different areas

off the wilderness home plants growing purple feel the aroma flowers

By vertical and fine clear lines it manages to compress the space. Axes, walls, trees and tall evergreen plants provide a unique experience of space. It is worth for all to consider this for the own garden into consideration.

It occurred to me here, to represent the late works of Wolfgang Oehme. He has made a very large contribution to the development of garden design in General in my opinion. In our example, his company has designed a stone terrace of below louder evergreen trees. Bertoia chairs are beautiful and the spindle in the background provide a good ventilation.

You made a good plan with regard to the movement of the air. This is essential for the survival of the garden and well-being in this. Only on the remaining planning should be based.

Ideally, the various garden areas should be interrelated. Reaching that covered areas through this stone. A space designed for food and the other is in a covered part of the courtyard.

But both offer each a different perspective of the same garden.


off the wilderness home front door garden fence

Just as I to love the caves out of trees? These prospects strike me as through a grid and creates in me a sense of incomparable mystery. So, you feel encouraged to more creativity and research. It’s just good for the human spirit!


Out of the wilderness home walk plant bucket

The big trees can make an Idyll from dish washing. Birds sit at the window, while doing everyday tasks. So, the hated boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor area will disappear. Yet, the idea of planting is also here super simple. You should grow in my view rather much from the same plant as different species use.

All elements from nature can be wonderful in the right context

off the wilderness home walk grassy plain piece of land

The repetition of the right elements in place will bring miracles.

Which item from the nature would you use in your home? Think of the harmony, silence and simplicity, which you can reach through this repetition… Learn from nature, make for her, not the complex human-like species, if you want to achieve real enthusiasm and tranquility. Just that, this post should also inspire you! You do it?

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