Outdoor Mural Yourself Making – Geometric DIY Projects

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outdoor mural yourself doing DIY geometry

GEO DIY wall art project for outdoor use

Hello, everybody! Today I have something and I hope that it will be super inspiring for you! It’s a wall art project.

It is based on simple rules, but can be inserted in different contexts. While you can do it in many different shades! What do you think of wood and lively shades of Turquoise?

In the second part of the article the speech will be projects of DIY.

Sometimes, our ideas need time to mature. Then we start to look designed approaches. Do we want to see how far it can go in the DIY wall projects?

Make outdoor mural yourself

outdoor mural yourself making Brown triangles

outdoor mural yourself making geometric

GEO DIY wall outdoor

outdoor mural yourself make metal plates

Make this outdoor mural yourself can take very different forms. That’s why you can list bad the many different tools, you need. However, you can give some good tips.

-Collect a few curtains which can weather over time; See also painters tape, scissors, ruler and color of your choice. Maybe you must also drill holes according to your choice or install mounting hardware.

-You could consult for even better results with an expert; You can do that also, if you purchase your accessories; Find the color that you would like on your walls and watch whether you must provide primer For metal surfaces, about the sprays would be the best possible choice;

-A geometric design can be great with painters tape. You can measure everything well and carefully and precisely carry out the project; Or maybe you want to go the project free… Or maybe you will opt for something, what is more in the Middle;

I haven’t decided for a vorgestantze metal surface. Maybe you have those in your garage!

Now we can start already:

Step 1:

outdoor mural yourself making strips perpendicular

No matter what you choose for a surface, you begin to provide them with vertical lines. With a ruler, you can ensure that you distribute them evenly and symmetrically. In this case here, the margins towards the Center will close.

Level 2:

outdoor mural yourself make stripes blue

Paint a series of vertical stripes on the screen. With some precision, you can once again make for an incredible design.

Level 3

outdoor mural yourself making geometric figures

Attach also diagonal lines in the thus-formed rectangles. So also triangles will arise. I’ve decided to make my design perfectly symmetrical and leave a little room for spontaneity. I’m so happy with the result!

Step 4

outdoor mural yourself making Brown figures

Here you have room for different variations, depending on what you choose for a surface and what colors you like to apply. With spray, you can fill the whole area wonderful.

If you delete by hand, you can delete the specific area demand

outdoor mural yourself make Garden Bench

In this project, it has applied actually no primer and only a brilliant color. So, I could save and to the desired results come really close. Nevertheless, I would not recommend but this combo. This kind of colors does not adhere to such surface.

If you remove the painters tape, pieces can fall off

outdoor mural yourself making fresh turquoise colors

Some touches solved the problem… But I would never use rather than its sprays

outdoor mural yourself make cushion strips

DIY updates for the Bank in the outdoor area

outdoor mural yourself making concrete plates

Do you recognize this concrete bench? It’s DIY projects, which we had already presented you on Freshideen.

However, the owners have decided that they can spice it up by darker shades

outdoor before after Wall decoration themselves make flower pot metal

Here we have two images, which show the appearance before and after the realization of the project

themselves make Flowerpot outdoor mural plants

It has executed the beams of this bank in a darker shade. So, it has accentuated the dimensions. By Turquoise accents, to avoid that you too much dominated by neutral shades. Continue to you here realize the modern grid, which they brought into use.

Grey replaced with another shade of the same color. The richer nuances have made a big difference.

Make outdoor mural yourself – if you realize your DIY project, you take a second look!

With a few small changes, you can achieve great results

outdoor mural yourself making railings

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