Patio Materials And Designs For Your Home

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Patio materials and designs

Terrace materials and designs cottage style

Paving creates an attractive, solid and dry stand for the outdoor life. Choose the best type that fits your style and budget.

Spotted concrete

Spotted concrete is a durable surface that adapts to almost any design. You can add color to the new concrete, either with the spread of dye on the plate surface or mixed into the concrete against the currents. Choose an a bit darker shade than what you want, because it will show the Sun. For existing concrete terraces, you use a chemical stain, to achieve the desired color.

Terrace materials spotted concrete for your home

terrace materials and designs of a sunny

Cost: Moderate to low; small volumes and unusual colors are more expensive. Installation: Specialist for the concrete – mix can also make, take dry ingredients for pre-mixing – or body. Maintenance: Occasionally wash with SOAP and water; seal it to prevent unwanted stains repair chips or columns.

Brick as an idea for terrace material for your garden

terrace materials and designs with black tiles

If built on the square in wet or dry laid over a bed of gravel, tiles offer a traditional look in a series of warm, thick colors. Because of their uniform size and shape, brick are relatively easy to install and have a variety of patterns. Tiles are specifically made to cobble, either old or new, they are the most durable in cold climates.

Brick – wievüel it will cost you and what you should know

terrace materials and design tile

Cost: Expensive for wet construction; moderately for dry. Installierung: professional wet construction; Learn to make it yourself and set to dry. Maintenance: Wash them occasionally to MOSS or dirt to remove; repair loose or off shredded mortar.

Dry-laid floor tiles

terrace materials and design dry Bodefliesen

Durable and easy to keep, floor tiles are available in a wide range of types and colors, which supplement the variety of architectural styles. They are especially good due to a rustic, hand-hewn look. Elections stones by the suppliers themselves out to insure a good color match.

Terrace materials – cost of dry laid floor tiles

terrace materials and designs with Bodefliesen

Cost: Moderate to expensive depending on the type of stone. Installation: Professional for wet construction; Learn to make it yourself and set to dry. Maintenance: Replace sand between the joints, as required; Remove weeds of columns; Reset when you switch out the stones.

An idea for your garden with pea gravel

terrace materials and designs pea gravel

Pea gravel is to install under the lightest patio surfaces. Because it is loose, it moves under your feet, increases the convenience of walking and provides better drainage, than any other surface. It helps prevent erosion, allows the water up into the ground to suck.

Patio materials and designs with pea gravel

Terrace materials balcony flowing Ivy

Cost: the cheapest terrace as far as cost is concerned. Installation: Easy to moderate to make it yourself. Wmaintenance: you rake the surface occasionally to smooth out staggered stones; expel debris.

Stamped concrete as another idea

Terrace materials balcony flow stamp concrete

On freshly poured concrete can be mashed with a pattern then with a smooth disc. Brands are available, to make patterns that resemble paving stones, cut stone, irregular stone, brick or prefabricated road concrete mixer.

Terrace materials and designs with tamped concrete

Terrace materials balcony flow large stones

Cost: Moderate. Installation: Best leave it for the professionals: wash it occasionally with high-pressure cleaner, to remove Moss or dirt; use a concrete seal to prevent moisture damage.

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