Perennial Plants – Garden All Year Long Beautiful Keep

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garden plants white Camellia Hardy species

Hardy plants can help to make a garden, which is always nice

The nature manages to show us her beauty in all seasons. If you are familiar in their resources, you can experience always something new and interesting. This applies to plants in the garden including the wonderful Hardy . They can grow in frost and snow. They show flowers and leaves in the various shades even if the temperatures are forcing us inward.

The beautiful snow bells…

hardy plant garden plants snow bells

Holly are stylish garden plants

Hardy plants Ilex flower pot garden plant

Such gardening “Inhabitants” provide interesting effects and textures in the coolest seasons and create unexpected accents exterior. Please help us in this way, to bypass the rest period of the winter sleeping beauties without being too sad.

There are actually many perennial plants. But we have selected just a few for you to offer you more inspiration. You can perhaps already among these to find the appropriate solution for your garden, or but perhaps to feel motivated to find himself further.


The Camellia is the first in our list of Hardy plants. They are characterized by the brilliant and deep green leaves. Its flowers but are really striking and heartening. They can be found in bright pink and red. Not all kinds of camellias can survive at very low temperatures. You should seek appropriate hybrids. The wind protection is important for their care. Especially at the beginning of the growth of plants must be protected. Also, you should know that the camellias grow slowly. That is why they must be planted early enough.

Red Camellia

hardy plant Camellia red garden plants

Japanese maple

Japanese Maple is originally from Asia. This tree is very popular because of the beautiful leaves, which he shows in the fall. In the winter, they represent great swivel and pivot points in the garden.

Japanese maple can take the form of a vase and together with twigs and branches are beautiful Cascades

Hardy plants garden design Acer palmatum

Grow this plant should pay attention very much on following things: Japanese maple grows very slowly. Also, he is easily attacked by aphids.

Holly (Ilex)

As we got on our search for wintry plants on the Holly, we have told us honestly slightly irked. We thought: How can it be that this idea is not previously noticed us?

A talk on garden design

garden plants Ilex Hardy plants garden design

The Holly are a joy for Christmas and the festive mood at all in many homes. There are different types of Holly with respect to the form of the leaves. They look very interesting and diverse and also provide a very interesting phenomenon.

Winter vegetables

A great idea for the garden design and for her healthy menu is to plant vegetables in autumn in cold seasons. There are many perennial plantswhich can survive until the first frost. These are for example: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, onions and Mostrich.

Mostrich flowers

Hardy plants garden design Mostrich

Cabbage in the garden

garden plant Hardy cabbage planting garden

The flowers of the spinach

garden plant Hardy spinach garden plants

Purple cauliflower

garden plant cauliflower plants garden

Snow bells

Snow bells show their smooth shape above the snow still longer before the other plants. But certainly enough that suggests they are as Hardy.

Plant them in a timely manner so that the snow bells bring you joy in January

Hardy plants snow bells botanical garden ideas

Berry bushes

Most Hardy plants set accents in the landscape through their wonderful bars and sheets. The berry bushes, however, can with Mistral also colored dots. At least some of these. While this isn’t the only advantage, which they have.

They also offer food for the birds, which do not have an easy in urban areas in cold seasons

hardy plant berry bushes garden figures

Blueberry shrub

garden plants Blueberry shrub garden figures

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