Places Of Refuge In The Lounge Garden – The Pleasure Of Summer

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Lounge garden ideas

The Sun is shining and the days and nights are always hot. Are you so already in summer mood? Then we have the best conditions us along today examples of great places of refuge in the lounge garden to look at.

HM… And the budget? Don’t worry, we have a few tips in this regard!

Certainly, you have learned from our recent articles, what you can buy for accessories and furniture or crafts. Today’s rather comes to discuss how to bring together the whole and creates a pure and clean look with you.

Great places of refuge in the garden

lounge garden ideas bench

The tips can help so you, regardless of whether you garden plan a new lounge or try to transform your outdoor area into a great summer getaway. Did you get fancy on creative ideas? Then continue reading!

Lounge garden

When you begin to plan your getaway, you should first place focus on a specific look. Will it be maybe tropical? Or perhaps modern tropical? Maybe should you consider the things you already have, the style?

For example, If you start Garden now with the planning of a lounge, you should see exactly how many seats they already have. Maybe you will see already immediately afterwards that you something cheap and need with clean lines. We mean not something that looks cheap or is not comfortable at all of course.

Below, we see a great folding chair in the company of Kmart.

Comfortable lounge furniture – folding chair

lounge garden furniture ideas deck

The piece corresponds perfectly to the basic conditions and will write a great in many different styles. This corresponds perfectly to our setting from the last time: how to find simple rooms with clean lines? We keep inspiring them on Freshideen for dead space. It is characterized by the feeling of relaxation!

We continue to experience super relaxed architecture in Costa Rica. It is equivalent to the upper description, still enchants with its tropical touches.

Tropical touch

lounge garden ideas 2 beds umbrella

Here we see the picture of a modern outdoor area. This distinguishes itself through the lounge, which was covered with white fabrics. Furthermore, a number of natural elements make for great harmony here. These are about the many plants and the stepping stones, which are surrounded by pebbles. It has thus reached a stress-free modern look, is both quiet and super interesting.

Comfortable seating area outside

outdoor design modern lounge garden ideas 2 beds

We are on Freshideen since per fans of striped design. Super fit, also I found using cushion pads as a support for the back. See the Moroccan poolside lounge below. It is actually very easy to care for. However, the use of patterns on pillows and tiles provides a very interesting visual appearance. Do you have enough pattern in your outdoor area? Maybe you could draw inspiration for more from these pictures!

Lounge garden in Moroccan style

Moroccan style lounge garden

Want to talk a bit about Strip? We see those on the beach towels down and her show the shades of peach-pink and white. Even if you have no water system in your yard, you could draw ideas from the image below, or?

The use of the neutral here is simply irresistible. Together with the surrounding greenery, they provide a quite refreshing effect.

Striped towels

lounge garden ideas pool loungers

A place where you should let your drink

We have put the effort to fill this post with elegant seating areas. If you have organized it but once, you would have to think also to other elements. Where you want and for what your drink, book or Tablet? Now you need to find a matching side table!

Garden furniture lounge

modern lounge garden furniture reclining lawn

Do you know what? The table below represents more than a coffee table. So we want to remember only that the mixture can result from concrete blocks with great creativity in incredible results. This idea will help especially those among you, where already the budget is almost out.

Garden lounge ideas

Room Lounge garden lighting lawn

Concrete blocks can be used perfectly for creating from seating. Such a case is the displayed DIY rural Bank. In this case, it has attached a great plant and vrzichtet on a side table.

Only three cylinder blocks, some wood and some accessories have been created a contemporary seating area with built-in plant containers.

DIY bench made of concrete blocks

modern concrete block seat lounge garden ideas

Give a finishing touch to the whole

garden lounge furniture ideas seating wood furniture patio

We want now to the end of the theme with the plants a bit expand? They belong to these essential features of the summer places of refuge. For this reason, ideas for those are never too much.

Those below a few.

As we have pointed out in many other articles, you can accentuate beautiful neutral shades with plants. Can not true see here also great that on the screen?

Planters in turquoise

outdoor design modern lounge garden floor covering concrete plants

Well you saw the umbrellas in today’s article? Is there anything better than a little rest in the Sun?

In some cases, you will have fewer problems with the Sun, and more with the mosquitoes! Just early in the morning and late in the evening it is the worst. If that also is the case with you, then drag great mosquito nets into consideration.

Tropical canopy bed

lounge garden outdoor furniture tropical canopy bed

So did you find today’s ideas useful? How exactly will lounge look like your summer, when it’s completely ready? Or is it already?