Potted Plants In The Garden – Garden Ideas With Lots Of Potential

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potted plants In the garden gardening potted plants

Potted plants in plant containers

An easy task could be to make a garden with potted plants. You need only the vessels, some Earth, Dünungsmittel. There are some subtleties in the design of this garden. You should be familiar is good in it, before you start.

Garden design with potted plants

potted plants In the garden garden design concrete bucket pot plants

Decorative garden plants in concrete pots

potted plants In the garden potted privacy

Make sure that the buckets have good drainage

The drainage is often the critical factor in determining whether a plant well survived or not. Make sure that your vessels have large enough holes so that the water runs out. The plant containers available on the market have usually a small hole. This is not sufficient. Larger view or drill more. Use the appropriate tool depending on the material. With metal, you will need a hammer and some nails.

In ceramic, this task could be more complicated. There are drills, which are specially designed for this material.  Don’t forget the safety instructions under no circumstances. Above all, should protect your eyes from dust and other dirt through goggles.

Note also the following: the more holes, the better the drainage!

Creating a vertical garden

potted plants In the garden landscaping ideas potted plants

Creative patio with potted plants

easy to grow houseplants pictures potted plants

The grafting of the garden

Now we come to the next step of the modern garden design with container plants. First you should remove everything from the small pots. Not too much drag, because you could destroy the plant before you start with the actual work. That is of course good. Access the plant close to the root.  Try as soon as allows, to push from the bottom of the pot. Sometimes, the tangled roots make problems. Take time to individually to get out this, causing as little damage in these cases.

The plants in the garden plant

potted plants In the garden plants garden planting

Lush garden plants

garden design plants with potted plants

Put fertiliser directly in the ground

Modern garden design concepts fail not rare at this point. We forget the fertiliser and starve so our plants. There are many different appropriate remedies in the specialized shops. Some are also intended for the organic and organic gardens.


easy to grow houseplants pot plants Glueckstal room green plants

Is your plant at the right level?

The plant must be just so in the plant container, that their roots and stems are free. You should be covered no way redundant with Earth. The plant must not also be too far above the surface. In other words, the roots may be not exposed.

Low-maintenance plants and Succulents

potted plants potted succulent houseplants

Vivid decoration ideas for indoor and outdoor use

potted plants potted succulent wood box

Cacti and Succulents in flower pot

easy to grow houseplants pictures potted plants Succulents

Enough Earth between the individual plants

Keep your modern garden design in the long run good and healing, plants must feel quite free. This means that there should be enough soil around their roots around. In some large containers, where many plants were collected next to each other, that is simply not possible. This can cause the rapid destruction of some plant species.

It is a good idea to water the plants immediately after planting. So enters the Earth and then you see immediately if you need to refill with Earth.

Make decorative wall with potted plants

potted plants In the garden hanging potted plants

Really pour your container garden plants

If the garden watering more to art than to science. Most plants love that moist, as the dry or the Earth wet to. Check yourself easily needs how much water your plant. Put your fingers up to the second bone in the Earth. Now, note whether the soil is too wet, too dry or just right.

Pour slowly and make sure that the water reaches the roots. Most of the time you will know this sure, that the water starts to get out of the bucket.


most popular house plants potted plants bobbed

Braided planters

potted plants basket box balcony plants design ideas

Fancy copper accents

potted plants garden design ideas bucket copper plant

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