Preparation For The Coming Of Spring – How Can You Your Garden Refactor

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Garden remodeling ideas spring Creepers

Spring project: Remodel garden

I think I spent out there already an above-average amount of time. I was going to spend two days in refactoring and I believe that it now six have become. This is pretty typical when you realized projects. One begins quite modestly, and finds out more and more areas, which you could spice up still. But out of this mixture at the same time not too hot and not to cold weather can also somehow otherwise! You have the desire to be out there all the time.

All started two weeks ago. I have looked at the exterior and I found out that despite the was still not finished flowering plants and the radiant Sun of this for the spring.

Then, I have made immediately a few beautification actions have included Xeriscape landscaping as well as cheap DIY projects. We want to look at shared a few pictures from this process?

Great redesign of the exterior for the spring

garden remodeling ideas spring flowers rose

We start from the ground

So I’m gone ahead at least. I moved into my house a year ago and that’s why everything was still quite unkempt. That’s why I’ve decided this year for Xeriscape landscaping. I’ve taken out the weeds and covered the ground with a barrier. I’ve planted a bit dry-tolerant plants, which are suitable for the full sun. I’ve added further Grove lime stone gravel and sculptural rocks. The process has proved to be much easier than expected. I can’t wait the plants to attach and flourish.

Xeriscape landscaping

landscaping with Pebble Sekkulenten stones garden refactor

In addition I searched the bottom of dry leaves and stems. I cut back, so much it was necessary to them. As the example below shows the home herb. I have pruned the dried stalks so far that you can’t see them. This plant produces purple flowers and I especially like your property to grow throughout the year.

Home herbs

garden design to landscaping with Pebble stones Evergreen walkway design

Before the winter the Dichondra has fallen down beautifully with their leaves on the edges of my terrace. During the coldest season, you have surprised us to low temperatures. These are just a few stems here and there remained. So I’ve taken some ground with a shovel and filled the holes with new plants. Yes, the refresh of the soil surface is also very important. I hope that the plant shows its lush appearance again in the next few weeks and months.

Refresh the soil surface

garden design to landscaping with Pebble pebbles pavement design

Animating from other plants in pots

I’ve spent much time in the life of my plants. I have learned the methods of Xeriscape landscaping and the filling of the Green holes in usage. Also in this case the winter has proved a tough test for my plants. I took her so in between home and sometimes have covered them to warm them. Some were still frozen and I had to say goodbye by these. That happened to the fern next to the entrance to my house. The plant must be repopulated with a fresh selection.

Life of plants

outdoor and garden refactor flower pot plants

Below you can see the grass well? Also, this is a consequence of the winter season. In addition, it was time to replace the various pots against those that make a bold statement.  I have decided therefore to the deep Maroon pot which you can see in the image below.

Stylish planters

garden remodeling ideas houseplants Flowerpot planters

A shelf made of metal is located on the left side of the stairs in my backyard. I filled it with various plants in pots. Many of these needed a little support in the form of installing new plant containers. This was and is done in the winter months. The pots themselves had to look slightly better. I’ve beefed up some of these with color but a bit left. You can see the result in the next picture.

New plant container

garden remodeling ideas Spring Flower potted plants stand

outdoor and garden design to refresh pot plants flower box

The pots on the shelf are not the only ones that I have embellished with a bit of color. I have selected a total of seven pots and beefed up all of this with a great fresh ice blue color. The common shading has ensured a consistent general appearance and helped me to use a fresh nuance in the outdoor area. Then, I have distributed the painted pots in the entire yard.

Colored painted pots

flower pot plants In the garden fresh garden ideas

Here you can see another great idea for the beautification of plant arrangements. I have achieved this by attaching different layers and types of green. I have filled the blue pot with tall grass and inserted cascading plants for a dramatic effect.

Different layers and types of green

flower pot plants In the garden garden ideas patio lawn

For a similar effect I added Dichondra to the fern. But I had removed some of the stems. Here I am hoping, as an effect of the cascade in the near future.

Dichondra is added to the fern

outdoor and garden design Flowerpot planters species

In many cases, lose the pots with more than a plant a bit of its charm on the way. For example, the plant container looked down pretty empty after the winter season. A grouping of fat hen was right in this case.

Yes, exactly: never forget to fill in the blanks

garden refactor flower pot plants In the garden garden ideas species

Now it is time to consider whether your plants in place. Below, we see a series of concrete blocks. In two of these little green can be seen. The plants, which once existed, did not survive. Still, the Mexican feather grass needs much more space than this, which it has now. The Aloe would cope better in the middle in a place where she can grow without encountering the ceiling. I have put these plants in other pots and in other places, where they can grow better, without being constrained by the atmosphere.

Correctly positioned plants

outdoor and garden design to flower pot from concrete

At the end, I want to show you a few shots from the Court. The green grass is still in there. I can not expect that even more plants bloom and really grows on the new green and the grass reaches really lush green shading.

The Court in the overview

garden design ideas with stone grass gravel garden refactor

Thanks for reading about my refactoring in the outdoor area. Take a spring project in the yard? Hopefully I could help you with.

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