Rain Barrels Provide An Eco-friendly Watering In The Garden

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Economical watering in the garden by tons of rain water

An ancient garden method, that nowadays a little into oblivion is to collect rainwater and use it for watering the garden. Nevertheless, this environmentally friendly form of irrigation is known to many older gardeners and more and more young people are looking for eco alternatives to the irrigation with precious drinking water and ground water.

The rain barrels, which prove excellent rain water storage are such an alternative. A rain barrel saves not only nature, but also your wallet – reason enough, that you read the following lines…

Rain barrels to collect water

rain barrels, rainwater storage creative garden ideas rain barrels amphora

You have a beautiful garden or numerous balcony plants, then you know the problem with the frequent plant watering in summer. A rain barrel can completely solve this problem and give freshness to your plants in dry seasons.

Collect rain water and watering the garden plants in the summer

rain barrels, rainwater storage rain barrels amphora watering garden plants

The rain water collected by a rain barrel is used only for watering the garden. To use rain water for the household, then you need a complete rainwater system, which collects the rain water from the gutter in a cistern, which is underground.

In contrast to a rain water system, a rain barrel is a much simple system. Rain water flowing from the gutter over the downspout in the rain barrel. A rain collector, called still downpipe filter, connects the rain barrel to the downpipe. The rain collector filters out dirt and leaves from the water and take away the rain water in the rain barrel. The maximum filling level is reached, the water over the pipe in the channel.

Easy connection to the downpipe

rain barrels connect rain water tank garden ideas rain barrels amphora

A tap screwed-on allows the drawing of water from the rain barrel, which in principle is closed, so that the water remains as clean and free of mosquitoes and larvae. The rain barrel is also safe for children with a lid.

The water in the rain barrel can fill up on a tap in a watering can

count tons of rain water butts, rain water tank garden ideas

The water from the rain barrel is soft and kalkarm and better for your garden plants. This is still an important advantage, why you should collect the rain water.

Do something good for the plants and with rain water, pour this

water butts, rain water tank garden ideas rain barrels amphora

Rain barrels are not only a practical rain memory, but can be also a great garden accessory. A real eye-catcher can be round, square or shaped as an ancient Greek amphora the ton of rain water in your garden.

The rain barrels made of UV resistant plastic provide a decorative appearance from natural stone replica or replica of terracotta and the rain barrels made from real wood ensure a natural look in a rustic style.

Rain barrel imitates natural stone

water butts, rain water tank garden ideas count rain barrels square

Online, you can purchase rain barrels with an attractive design, for example at Benz24.de, where you will find a wide range of water butts and rainwater systems.

Choose a rain barrel, which will blend harmoniously into your garden environment and do so something good for nature!

Rain barrels are decorative garden highlights

rain barrels, rainwater storage wall count rain barrel square

Rain barrel in a wicker look

water butts, rain water tank garden ideas rat furniture rain barrels plastic

You will find water butts with capacity from 200 to 1000 litres on the market

rain barrels, rainwater storage rain barrels square wooden panel

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