Red Roses – Symbol Of Love And Passion

Red Roses Bouquet passion surprise

Red Roses – just timeless

“Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”

This famous quote comes from the American writer Gertrude Stein and was taken from her poem Sacred Emily from 1922. Because she has determined red roses in mind. Generally, there is the means that things are the way they are. It’s about the identity rule: A is A. Yes, today it’s red rose with us about the undisputed “Queen of flowers” -. Some things are simply timeless and never become a cliché. We have given all certainly often red roses and get as a gift. What have you been there?

Have you thinking the rose on the semantics?

Red Roses water droplets close-up

Let’s start from the beginning. The name of the rose itself comes from Altpersischen and was adopted into Latin as pink . The Roses belong to the genus of the rose family. About 250 species this flower are known. This Royal plant is bred for more than 2000 years as an ornamental plant. The precious rose oil is extracted from its petals, which is considered to be one of the most important raw materials in the perfumery industry. In principle, the roses are shrubs. Some of them are compact and small, others are high or as common for climbers. The flowers are typically five petals. Roses love mainly calcareous soils. The root types of most culture roses have their origin in the Central and Southwest Asia. Areas in Central Europe such as for example the Swiss Jura and the Alpine valleys such as Valtellina and the Lower Engadine nowadays considered to be very rich to roses.

An enchanting flower shrub

red rose Rosebush garden

It is true that a rose is a rose, no matter what color it is and what kind it is. We still believe that the archetype of the rose – is the red rose.  Actually, what does this magnificent flower Queen?

It is undisputed that the Red Rose is a symbol of love. It means still beauty, bravery and respect, romance and passion.

The sensuality and the perfection of Red Roses bring about creativity and give inspiration.

So, the rose is a popular motif in literature and art

Red Roses open book romantic beautifully

It is also a hot topic in the Haute Couture

Red Roses popular women's fashion

The latest collection by Dolce and Gabbana for example distinguishes itself with magnificent hair jewellery from fresh red roses. With much subtlety, Italian designers have combined the delicate femininity with the meaningful expression of roses here.

The Dolce and Gabbana women’s collection summer 2015

Red Roses designer collection ladies fashion of Dolce Gabbana

Red Roses just always provide a grand entrance, no matter whether you give them as a single flower or a bouquet. See later, what other events you can make with the help of red roses. Surprise your loved ones and introduce a bit more festivity in everyday life!

Royal beauty and sensual charisma

Red Roses beauty feminine

A wonderful addition to any gift

Red Roses Bouquet gift

Make a rosary in heart shape

Red Roses surprise heart shape

A loyal companion at the wedding celebrations

Red Roses wedding romantic

Decorate the homemade cake so that

Red Roses cake baking decorating

For more romance and garnish with rose petals

red rose romance petals

Unconventional table decoration with roses and hearts

Red Roses table decoration wedding day celebration