Robust Houseplants – Popular, Easy-care Plants

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Beautiful, popular potted plants are easy to care for

If you select houseplants, be honest to yourself and put on low-maintenance plants if you have no intention to raise these diligently. To look best for robust and drought tolerant plants.

Robust houseplants

Aloe Vera potted plants ideas green nature


Drought-tolerant plants need a regular watering. Succulents and cacti are typical examples. Most plants die off the excess water, because your roots from rotting. Use potting soil and place boulders in the pot.

In a concrete flower pot

durable houseplants concrete flower pot


Hardy plants are also tolerant to the Dim light. Perfect for rooms such as Cellars or houses, whose Fenster front standing tree crowns are obscured. Choose plants that need much sunlight and place it inside the brightest at home.

Shiny floor pots

robust houseplants floor pan design ideas


The fertilizer helps to grow, especially in the flowering plants, but you can do it every six months. Every time, if you remember it, you fertilize after all potted plants.

Simple and rustic arranged

robust Immerpflanzen Brown flower pot variety


Note the temperature if you grow houseplants. The most robust plants thrive best in the space at the average temperature. If you live in extreme conditions, in hot and cold temperatures, choose plants that can survive both.

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Decorative plants to the showrobust glass bowl houseplants decoration sand

Succulent plant species

sturdy hanging decorative house plants Succulents

Garden flowers in a vase on display

robust green houseplants cute feminine flowering plants

Shining, fleshy leaves

durable houseplants fleshy leaves

Decorated with soil and gravel

robust fleshy foliage houseplants glass flower pot

Beautiful natural patterns

robust easy to grow houseplants green foliage

Lighter and darker shades of green

sturdy foliage houseplants green fresh natural

Typical houseplant

durable houseplants rubber

In a wood plate – succulent exhibition

durable houseplants wood planters

For decorative purpose only

robust air plants room air plants

Hanging planters

robust flower pot room air plants

Lush and lively – species of Palm trees

robust exotic species houseplants Palms

Cute little red flowers

robust cute red white red houseplants flowers

Matching bedroom plants

robust white establishment houseplants bedroom plants

Diversity – fleshy foliage

fleshy leaves houseplants succulent glass pot

Rural decoration and Hardy plants in flower pots out of clay

window privacy houseplants succulent tone flower pot

River stones and pebbles

robust-indoor plants-tischdeko-green nature

Extraordinary flower pot

robust type known houseplants white flower pot

Potted plants for the workplace

installed ceiling lighting indoor plants living room decoration